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Suddenly...I am happy

Friday, May 31, 2019


Can't find the words why this morning I am so


I woke up 4am with a terrible headache. Cracking headache in fact.  Did what I usually do with this migraine attacks (the "wonder drop") and went back to bed.  An hour after I am in the shower and headed out to my parents house.

Sun is up when I pased by the coastals.  Traffic is light but starting to build, clouds is high.  I felt suddenly a tiny flip in the heart...and I am happy.  Thoughts of people I met again days ago, I thought of people I witnessed shedding tears of joy when a few months back they got to walk alone again after several years.  I next rode the jeepney on to work and i gazed at people.  How are they? Me, I am happy.

I wish I can make everyone else happy too.  Its such a nice feeling when you love life and living.  See every little thing to be part of your happiness. Appreciate all around you to be given by Him who makes all things possible.  I feel today I am being told to love life to the fullest.  Today is another day given to fulfill your purpose.  

Thank God I am breathing and I am happy.  And thank God I have so much love in the heart and so many people sharing it back 🤗


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mark the day where people will WALK for a very good cause.  

People from all over the world have been extending help since the big disaster hit the Philippines in 2013.  It affected millions of lives and it is not over.  The severe loss and damage the calamity brought continues to pain the victims of this tragic event and the brethren of the Iglesia Ni Cristo feels the intense need to share further with the World Wide Walk to happen on Saturday, 2nd of February 2014.

Be part of this simple but effective way of giving not just monetary assistance but a heartfelt empathy to the young and the old that lost love ones, homes and almost – their ALL.

What difference does it make if you will walk to have a good functioning heart and walk with us in the WWW and have also a big blessed heart?
How hard will it be to use up this one day to be within groups of people sharing smiles knowing you have a common cause?
Why not do what you usually do of exercising those bones and muscles, getting the vitamin D that you need, strengthen your heart and lungs WITH ME?  WITH US?

Know that this is yet another Memory to Keep.  Join the Worldwide Walk for the Yolanda Victims and be part of history.


Saturday, February 8, 2014


Whose heart will not go tender hearing the sweetest of words?

Alongside dimmed lights, soft music, small smiles for the romantic;
Or the sudden change from the loud fun filled day, friendly punches, locked gazes for the adventurers;
From one end of the earth to another, people of different race and raise will definitely stop once the unexpected expectation so suddenly came.

There's the promise a kiss will give...but nothing can surpass the promise of eternal love and commitment.


Sunday, July 22, 2012


There were times that we suddenly feel...STUCKED!

We wouldn't want to step back nor do we know if we want to go forward.  We're not even sure if we want to move.

It's like having no choice though you do.  
It's like needing to choose but you can't.  You won't.
It's like hoping it will be decided for you.

Look back to how you came about this reality.  Is this something unexpected?  Is this something you have been dreading?  Is this something you tried to put at the back of your mind but keeps popping up each time you are in that verge of happiness and suddenly falls into that oblivion of being speechless...and stucked.  You mind goes reeling but you lips are frozen.

How do we ever put ourselves in such situations...and time and again,  we just cross that path of stillness, push it off our way and continue on, accepting that today is not the day...maybe tomorrow.  


Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Ever heard of the word MEIZITANG? Read along and learn its relevance in love and relationship...

Everyone of us wants to be perfect especially in the eyes of our one true love. We do almost everything possible to look good for them, to fit their character, to love the same hobby, to be who they want us to be. Though in actuality there are times that we go overboard. We see ourselves lacking when they already are far more than contented and pleased with what we are.


It's but natural that we feel that we are imperfect. People are people. Nobody can have everything. And so we see in the other what lacks in us and others see in us what lacks in them. Most often though, we see the physical attributes. The body is mostly seen when you think of romantic involvement. And so comes diet, exercise and all those other slimming options available in the market. Meizitang Diet is among the popular ones that most people lean to when they are in need of a lift in their weighing scale. This slimming capsule is said to help in reducing fat tissue. It accelerate fat metabolism and reduce absorption of fatty acids in the intestine. From the very name Meizitang you would know that it is Chinese in origin. Yes, t is composed of natural herbs but be wary that they also has side effects that can be harmful especially to pregnant women, infants, children under 18 years, those over 65 years old, hypertensives, suffering from heart ailments/cardiovascular disease, kidney and liver failure. As always, we seek professional guidance and consult before intake of any drug/medication.

In the eyes of a love one, you will always be perfect no matter the imperfections. But you can be a little vain or inclined to health to want to lose excess weight. And if you need to...why not use Meizitang if your doctor agrees?



"If there is such a thing as a good marriage, it is because it resembles friendship rather than love."

- Michel Eyquem de Montaigne


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More often than not, it's the men that gears up and enjoy their sport. It is a fact that their time is divided into work, mingling with friends, their sport and you. Unfortunately, the part of "you" at times are the left off of their time for the other endeavors. It's almost next to begging to drag them away and have time for you.

Giving up, women now learned to use this time their men alott on sports to be theirs as well by learning the sport he loves or to at least get him to join you in finding one that interests both of you. Not only is this a great way to strengthen the relationship but also a great advantage to health and a great time to cool down and relax. It could be an indoor activity or an outdoor if preferred, the important thing is that there is a change in routine, a set of new topics to divulge on, an added excitement to your relationship that breaks boredom or commonality on your day to day event. Plus the proven fact that adventure, exercise and sports releases the addictive love hormone, Endorphins. It makes everything more positive around each other with this feel good hormone.

Usually couples choose outdoor activities for the change in scenery. From biking, hiking,running, snowboarding, skiing and the likes. And you see them with Camelbak Pack. It should not just "pack up and go". Your comfort and your safety is important. For sporty people, common focus is on hydration. This is after all a key to good performance, stability and continuance. With Camelbak they can rehydrate without the trouble of stopping, fishing out a drink and quench thirst. Athletes, outdoorsmen, and soldiers around the world recognized and appreciated the hands-free system and uses it to their advantage. Why have anything less when you can have more with this originator and world leader in hands-free hydration system?

How nice would it be to do the thing you and your better half enjoy comfortably and in style! Not only will you now have more time together but also continue learning more about each other.


How can you be whole again when your better half left you?

Years you have been together sharing everything. He is your best friend. He knows every tiny bit about you no other knows. He knows what goes on in your mind, he knows what to do to cheer you up, he knows when you are disappointed or if you will be pleased...sometimes he even know you better than you know yourself. And he left...

It's almost being dependent on him. You expect him to hug you when you get cold that you tend to forget to bring a wrap when you go out. You are certain that you will get a foot massage for the long standing up you had to do early today. And he left...

At some point, you just developed the fact that he is and will always be there for you. There will be someone to change the light when it get busted. He will fetch you wherever you are when you are stranded if just to accompany you. Be the escort you are proud of whichever event needs escorting. And he left...]

You have finally given your heart and your soul...content that you have him. And he left...

What's heart wrenching is that he left you though he do not want to. He passed away. He fought to stay and continue being your escort, your companion, your wrap, your everything. He left and you are left behind. Now you look back and say to yourself, if only you are there for him as he is for you. If you only have used every opportunity given you to be perfect for him.



Monday, August 29, 2011


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Net10 for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Inseparable!  Couples hopelessly in love with one another just could not get enough of each other.  When together, they seem to be glued together.  When not with each other, they still have this need to at least hear the voice of one another, and the things to say and to share are just endless.  REGARDLESS OF THE PHONE BILLS!!!

But why have tremendously large bills to pay when you don’t have to?  Just have NET10 and see how outrageous those other providers are for charging you such high amounts starting from choosing plans with their many hidden charges and the airtime fees, not to mention all the trouble you have to do and bear just for you to shift from one plan to another. 

NET10 you can have a plan and a phone of your choice with no contracts, bills or credit check.  Imagine having unlimited calls and text to your honey-lovey for a month for a mere $50.  Period.  No hidden charges to suddenly pop-out of your bill.  And with that is unlimited internet access and 411.  Seems unbelievable but read on and increase the raised eyebrows I also sported when I first heard of NET10 qualities that I now have proven true.  Net10 guarantees nationwide coverage with no static, drop calls or any unclear signal experience.  And you have a wide variety of mobile unit choices from known phone manufacturers like LG, Motorola, Kyocera, Nokia and Samsung at low prices.  I got mine for under $60 as I have always craved for touch screens with all the basics plus great app capabilities, camera and video recorder, web access and the likes.  And I bought another for under $40 to give to my sister for her birthday that which have the usual necessities like camera, video recorder, blue tooth capability, mobile web and more.  If you are like mom and dad to want just the simple ones that they use just for calling and texting you can grab one for as low as $15.

With NET10 you can adjust to you month’s airtime needs.  And you can switch with no penalties or fees.  They also understand different lifestyles therefore made available options to go with it like the Easy Minute Plus plan where you can automatically have them charge from your bank account, or the Pay-as-you-go plans where you grab airtimes from local stores almost anywhere that which the minutes carry over with active service.  This means big or small, no matter what your status is, whoever you are, you are thought of.  And you definitely will benefit from the QUALITY SERVICE they offer. 

A couple definitely will benefit with the by the minute need to stay in touch with one another.   Even long distance affairs can withstand the challenge of being far from each other with the Long Distance Service that is available to over 75 countries.  With just 15 cents per minute on calls originated in the US they bridge the communication gap.  There even is an International Neighbors program available to Canada and Mexico wherein they give you a special phone number that your family and friends can use to reach you at your NET10 number. Even a college student a coast apart from her parent have no way of saying she can’t be reached.  It is affordable enough compared to other providers just as Jemena in her testimonial have verified. See her video here

One of the Real NET10 customer who have heard of the 10 Good Reasons why one should not let this NET10 offer go by have convinced me to try.  Let that “angel” be me for you.  See this Cute NET10 commercial that I pass on to friends and love ones if you can. 

From all these to the customer service, I have none yet to share that have not met my satisfaction.  Even their help though twitter and facebook have not gone unnoticed.  See for yourself and be the judge to what I believe is such a wonderful opportunity to have a better relationship with your better half as COMMUNICATION IS MIGHTY IMPORTANT TO MAKE EVERYTHING WORK OUT FINE.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

We have to admit that we usually correlate heat and burning with metabolism. And related to it is physical activity. Between couples that meant “fun way of burning those excess calories”. But research says...It’s sizzling hot in the room and yet you don’t burn as much calories. One interesting article from Dole Nutrition Institute focuses on “boosting metabolism by braving cool temperatures”.

Energy expenditures were monitored for 15 men (average age 26) and 10 women (average age 32) as they alternated 12-hour periods in rooms heated to either 80 degrees or 60 degrees. The surprising finding: Exposure to 60-degree temperatures resulted in a 6% increase in calories burned without significant changes in physical activity. Moreover, exposure to lower temperature also resulted in a 13% increase in fatty acid levels in the blood, indicating that fat stores were being mobilized.

At work is thermogenesis: the conversion of calories to body heat. A similar dynamic was demonstrated in one German study where drinking 17 ounces of water increased metabolism by 30%, as increased energy was needed to heat the water to the body’s temperature. So, how can you use temperature to turbocharge your weight-loss efforts? Indoors, let your body acclimate to a cooler environment. Outdoors, exercise during cool weather without bundling up (e.g., shorts instead of sweats). By exposing your arms and/or legs you will not only burn more calories – you may augment your vitamin D levels by letting your skin soak in sunlight (which triggers vitamin D production).

One note of caution: If you’re prone to high blood pressure, exposure to cold temperatures could increase your vulnerability to heart attacks so exercise moderation in taking advantage of cool calorie-burning effects.

Dole DNI concern for the increasing prevalence of obesity was the reason for compilation of articles such as the one above. Dole Nutrition Institute Jennifer Grossman head starts with her innumerous editorials and television guesting’s that which focuses on Dole’s Summer Campaign on Nutrition and Health. “Feed the world with knowledge” is the main concern and so Jennifer Grossman Dole Nutrition Institute tries to reach far and wide to encourage people on the importance of fruits and vegetables in the diet, in addition to many other advices to combat obesity world crisis. Any that could be advantageous like the aforementioned “boosting metabolism by braving cool temperatures”. The passion of Jennifer Grossman to share this to others is something we should have as well. And in our own little way imitate the Jennifer Grossman Dole that which spreads the word through her publications and spread in our own way in our blogs, social networks or even by word of mouth.

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