Monday, February 22, 2010


Varying kinds and forms of emotions runs out of you. From tear strained face you feel crushed and you feel vulnerable; pale and drained you want out; reality sinks in and you are mad; sad and lonely being alone again but you protect yourself inside a shell; you’re back on your feet, strong and hard….

Tears are long gone, but where are you now?

Life gives you a choice of making your world revolve around the one you love or your love one to revolve around it. Your choice dictates how altered your life will be the moment that love pulls out. Either you end up with a broken spirit as your world stops because the one to circle around is lost, or you just break your heart, lose balance as it pulls out then mend and gain balance back in no time.

LET NO ONE BREAK THAT SPIRIT! Be who you are and what you are. And if you have been there and at the moment lost and uncertain, move on but learn from the past. A BROKEN HEART CAN BE MENDED IN TIME. And keep hoping that there in that bleak future is what is meant for you. Let it not pass you by just because of your fears. Experience makes us the wiser if you only bear those lessons in mind.


pipay said...

Hi Jennie. Yes. they are not alone. Almost everybody experienced broken heart but this makes you strong.

added you in my blogroll . just check it.
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imelda said...

i usually sing alogn with this song when played on stereos

Heart said...

Hello Jennie, we usually relate to the songs we heard especially when we are sad. When we are broken heart, we give so much meaning to every love songs. I think broken heart can also break our spirit. We have to be really strong and accept it to move on.

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