Saturday, January 30, 2010


Everyday is Heart’s Day for me, but some people believe in celebrating it in a special day they call Valentine’s Day. These holidays actually are man-made. It is probably there to serve as reminder to people that there are more important things than living life earning to live it. I wonder why they needed to be reminded of it in a certain day within a year when I am reminded of it every prayer time (which is more than once in a day); more so during Church time.

Being in a society practicing the said Heart’s Day, let me then take this opportunity share with you what I think will be the best advice on how to give your love to your ones to show them, through giving, how much you value them; or for you will be the Top Valentine's Gifts for 2010.

As always, I put myself in the position of the receiver. Will he be like me and prefer to spend the budget on a day or an evening together than on a thing? Or will she feel loved with a lasting token of that love? Probably something that she need, like boots for the winter? Or something that she can show off to her friends such as Tiffany jewelries ladies go gaga about? Chocolates to make her fall in love more with you?

If you were to ask me, there’s no better day to give love than today…when you are sure that she’s still there with you!


Monday, January 25, 2010

A question we ask ourselves in times that love is within reach BUT we just can't grab it.

Often, people terms it as "a joke played on us by life"...when we finally have found what we have been looking for only it is not for ours to have. Commonly, such is the case in a love developed within the best of friends. That the value of friendship is way above what one can risk losing; pure enough to be tainted with the chaos of an affair of the heart.

Sometimes though, we are put together and make it happen...but often we are too much of a coward and settles on pretending and breaking apart inside.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jealousy is a part of every relationship. It is there in two faces; the positive face and the negative face.

So much has been said about this already, and everybody seems to know what to advice and how to handle it. And as was common, “it’s easier said than done!” …thus, this jealousy do not perish, it still is with us.

In an office, we witness a couple having a heated discussion of the other seen “cozily” with another. It may honestly be a “business meeting” as the accused pointed out or it may be an outright “caught in the act”. Within the bickering you hear the usual “Don’t you trust me?” statement. Yes, why don’t you? TRUST is very important in a relationship. It just have to be mutual and worth giving. If so, everything will truly be smooth and tranquil. In this instance then, we see the negative face of jealousy. It’s producing way too much friction causing troubles. Here insecurity is apparent. Either accused is not a good provider of such or accuser is being way too irrational, jumping into conclusions and way over board.

Positive face is when one craves for it to assure that love is still existent. Imagine doing everything you want, going anywhere with anyone and not a question nor a word can be heard. It’s like hearing loud and clear, “I don’t care!” Then and then will you hope for even a little jealousy, a little dissuasion, because in this case you feel unimportant, insignificant.

Bear in mind that there is always a limitation to things. TOO MUCH or TOO LITTLE is not good. I call it the balance of nature. In this world we live in there’s the two opposing poles, positive and negative, we have to stay in the middle.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010


You have a special someone and is looking forward to settling down with him but his job description is not as pleasing to you? A builder? Well, I tell you...LIFE HAS CHANGED! And such a description means stability with the business world. And you need not worry of not having him around most of the time, because now everything can be made easier.

In fact, I am so glad to be in this age when one can be done with the work more than a 100% faster than how it could have been centuries ago. Looking at it, sometimes I almost can see things done as if it is being fast forwarded. Imagine being a carpenter today and being a carpenter centuries ago. During the few hundred BC's, one would manually drill through a wood just to create a whole and it will take an hour probably to do that. What about today? Less than a minute with power tools such as Metabopower drills. Not only will it benefit the worker, but also of the business since there will be higher production rate than without these magnificent creations. More houses can be constructed in the required length of time given, more bridges to raise, more appliances to built...more of whatever you are hoping to be produced.

We will not be talking about productivity alone, the quality of work will also be above expectation since there will be precision plus the fact that worker will be using less energy thus work quality is improved than when exerting more effort. Labor cost will probably decrease since minimal worker is needed to accomplish feat.

Power saws, power staplers, power hammers, power grinders, power nailers, power wrenches, power drivers...all power tools that will make your work easier has already been thought of, and so are available for you.

Top brand names are available like Bostitch, All Power, Makita, Hitachi, Campbell Hausfeld, Black Rhino, Diteq, Irwin, and Gerber. Orders can be shipped right to your own doorstep. May you be a professional worker on a business such as constructions, automotive, wood working, etc, or when you personally need it at home, power tools are worth having. Heavy or simple work can be made easy for you with these power tools.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Not every couple have a fairytale story. Not everyone get to end up with their perfect match. BUT this does not stop us from loving and being loved...because this makes our living more complete or atleast suffice.

Yes, even the "you and me against the world" relationship! They may have to travel rougher roads competing with family discouragements, fighting off friends innuendoes and be deaf and mute to bickerings from other people. To the couple, NOTHING can surpass the love you have for each other. Just like the common "Love is blind", they are much too blind with love, consumed by it that they are almost immune to negativity to their relationship; that their relationship happiness or having each other will cover-up whatever inconsistency there is.

And sometimes it works! Sometimes, they even thank those critics because their presence pushed them to keep trying...to prove that everybody else is wrong. More like winning the test! And in the end, it actually is even more gratifying!


Thursday, January 7, 2010


That’s Me! Yeah, I am excited with my newly reconstructed blog Earthy Me. After losing its PR2, I am now hoping to gain it back and more if possible. I am up to present adjusting this and that, but is already up for a visit from you.

And as my layout changes, so are my ideas of posts. I will be focusing on health and fitness this time to cater to most of your interests. Hope you all visit and link ASAP. It will need your love as well there as you do here dear friends.

Button stays the same…grab the moving SPOON AND KNIFE and be reminded of the diet advices there. Just copy and paste the code as html on your side bar ;) SEE YOU GUYS THERE!


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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

You once enjoyed going to the movies with honey, walking along the shores awaiting the sunset, staying up to the wee hours of the night in coffee houses talking of almost anything, having candle lit dinners on your monthsary celebration,…a few months after came the wedding and the honeymoon then BOOM! Your fun times have ended.

Every morning you share breakfast, go to work then see each other at night until the next morning you wake up and again go to the daily routine. Weekends you probably need to do your household chores. Where goes the fun-times together? Where goes the dating?

It does not have to end the moment you say “I do” when in fact it is now more convenient to do it, not needing to meet someplace or no need for picking up because you are together. It is as important today than it is before that you have some quality time together. Dating is not only for “getting to know each other stage”; dating is also for “strengthening the bond stage”.

Yes there may be added responsibilities for each other and the kids now, but then there also are added trials along. The friendship should stay and with it goes the fun-times, the bonding time. So, do not let marriage get in the way. STAY AS SWEET AS YOU ARE! This probably is the song that most befits this topic.



Sunday, January 3, 2010

It is not unusual that some people gets the blues during holidays. They are the ones that have some things to be sad about like missing a love one, unfulfilled dreams, not feeling loved, had a lot of trials the past year, etc. And so they listen to Barry Manilow's "It's Just Another New Year's Eve" and feel that they are not alone in this world.

And so I am here sharing it with you. I hope not because you need it, but because you just love it as I do.


Friday, January 1, 2010

Frankly speaking, we ladies do not just go for handsome men, there are certain “pogi” points we call that add up to it as to who to choose for a husband or boyfriend material. “Pogi” points means: some additional characteristics or things that can affect our making a decision whether to entertain a certain suitor.

We look into his family and background, his inner beauty, his being presentable, his stability and self worth WHICH INCLUDES HIS CAR! Well, not all ladies find this important, but most do. You hear questions like, “does he have his own place?” or “what’s he driving?” Does he have 2010 toyota?

Ehem, you can’t blame them…because it is more than just a necessity. It is a measure of your capability as a provider. Have you seen the cadillac escalade photos? A mouth watering beauty! Or that of the chevrolet tahoe hybrid pics? Superb creations that make you want to drag him to the altar?

But then, it’s not all material things. Yes his stability is important in this crazy world we live in, but love cannot survive with riches alone! He may have those luxury cars for all you want but he jumps from one relationship to another portraying how insincere he is; or he may be driving a different car every time you went out, but what of his respect for you? Be sure that he will not slap it all in your face the moment you have a little disagreement.

And so, it is nice to have those additional points, but put greater importance to the intangible things he offers. Love, honesty and perseverance are on top of my list! What’s in yours?



Have you ever noticed that the age of marrying is narrowing down from the last centuries to ours?

I really have not gone through any thorough research about this, and so what I can provide you is purely from experience within our family tree and what I see from other families all over. From great-grans to parents, they go from 16 years old to 18; and in our generation it used to be around 23-25 but now its 28-30’s.

Obviously, that as the years go by, the youngsters are getting more and more aware of how nicer it is to be single and how much responsibility one has to carry in a married life; and the economic stability as well is very much relevant to it. YES IT IS WONDERFUL TO HAVE A FAMILY OF OUR OWN…but now you cannot just jump into it. Careful planning is appropriate (savings especially) and so with your readiness to the responsibility for not just you and your better half but for the kids to come. This is the sane thing to do…but still, being in love brings out insanity. Sigh!

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