Friday, October 30, 2009

In my previous post, a question has been raised, does age matter in a relationship? …and I am reminded of it with this book in my bookshelf for years already but have not read until yesterday when I decided to bore myself to death with it if it really is a bore. But as it turned out, it is not! After all it is a Jude Deveraux, one of those authors’s whose books I collect. Maybe I just did not trust the cover much before, the reason why I believed it to be uninteresting.

10 years age gap can work, just as it did with my great grans being a teacher-student relationship. They lived happily with 7 loving kids. BUT I am uncertain if it is conceivable if it is a 10 year gap with the lady being the more senior. It just seems impossible. Women by nature, matures earlier than men…and that big a gap may not be pursuable anymore. I don’t’ know if you know any couple in such a case, if so, I would love to hear their standing. Just as I am not sure yet how this story, The Invitation, will turn out. Jackie is the baby sitter of Billy whom he has loved since and until they met again a decade after.

An exciting story I can say, them being both very aware of each other and the spark of interest that had been there all along is now in a mature definition.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Richie Lionel HELLO Lyrics

Loving people from afar is unsatisfying as it is unsettling. It is human nature to love, and eluding that possibility of sharing that feeling is simply cowardice. Fear of being put down or fear of shattering a comfortable but incomplete bond with someone is the most common reasoning heard. That it is far better to suffer from that reward of ensuring that special someone is being loved far greater than anyone would THAN to be shuttered of that dream of someday doing just that. That you will keep your ego intact THAN not needing to question no one but yourself where she is, who she is with, is she lonesome. That you would rather lay in dreaming and waiting for her to come to you THAN have her in your arms saying I LOVE YOU.

REMEMBER, life is full of surprises. You never know what awaits you…that while you are wasting precious time of being with her, time runs off until later on IT’S TOO LATE.

You can never know until you try…and try you should when that something or someone is worthy of it!!!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Believe it or not…TIME alone can mend it!

One may hid behind laughter’s or activities, but inside, still bleeding and burning as an aftermath of the break-up. It may take days, weeks, months…even years DEPENDING on your acceptance of reality before you can look back and not feel a thing. That’s how it is in this world, that’s how our creator made life. With happiness comes sadness. Both tears of joy and tears of sorrow exist.

Talking about it gives others the venting they need, but in others it rekindles the flame. Understand that in every thing we do there is a corresponding cause and effect; there’s a beginning and an end.

Again, acceptance is the key. And it’s not just in a snap will you acknowledge the facts…it takes TIME.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


"Duke: That's my sweetheart in there.
Wherever she is, that's where my home is."
- from the movie The Notebook
Finding someone to love gives us a reason to live, and nowhere else but in the comfort of her arms. That wherever she is, we know that's where we belong. Elsewhere will be chaos, incontentment, uneasiness...darkness!
A reason why couples in between a wedding preparation feels that it is unbearable to the extreme...because the waiting to be with that one person you wanted to be with seems to take forever. BUT THEN savoring a long craved piece of cake tastes 3x more tastier with all the wait! =)


Sunday, October 25, 2009


How things change!!! Every thing have progressed and evolved to what seemed unbelievable, inappropriate and improper to believable, appropriate and proper.

If centuries ago it would have been appropriate that ladies not show even their ankles, now it’s not just ankles that are showing but way up to thighs or even more; if long ago it is unbelievable if someone tells you that a lady is working and doing something else other than household chores, now it is common to see ladies working, even more so a man’s job; and improper it may seem to elderly still, now it is proper and acceptable for ladies to do the first move and not wait for the gentleman to do the wooing or even the very courting.

Yes, how things have changed…how people have changed. Sometimes it is nice to look back and savor the simplicity of life lived by our ancestors, but then again there were times that we thank the heavens that we are in this generation.

Are you amongst the “hoping it was still yesterday” or amongst the “I’m glad I am here today”? What is it you prefer more than the other? Add more to these facts I love…
• The genteel lady of the past centuries, their naiveté and their innocence that upon learning of the mating at the proper time, it is more fulfilling for both the husband and the wife.
• The rights of the women today almost at a level with the men.

…there are a lot I know, please do share your thoughts ;)


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Everybody have their own fairy tales and secret dreams…because that’s where we can fulfill our greatest hopes that cannot happen in our own lives. I have so many of them. Yes, I am even a daydreamer. I have my own stories, I have my own heroes.

But apart from those dreams, I live also in the novels and the books that I read. I am right now Sara a boarded a ship that belongs to my husband whom I married when I was still 4 years old. Yeah, it is an arranged marriage, but successful nonetheless. There were the usual ups and downs that naturally come along in a newly bounded couple; the adjustment and the getting to know each other phase.

This book is a romantic-comedy that had me laughing, curl my toes in delight and even peek through my fingers as I cover my face with my hand in the unbelievable events. It’s mighty entertaining, and truly inspiring to have your own love story to tell.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We know of men knowing how to make us feel those butterflies in our stomachs, gives us those unexpected tingling sensations or make our toes curl with delight. We even say we’re so used to it, that we know when it is coming. BUT still, we just can’t escape the wonderful effect it gives us even with just a simple word of appreciation, with those smoldering looks sent our way or even a simple flattering remark uttered.

Though intended to cause us those blushing moments, we still have doubts to the reason for it instead of merely appreciating it. It’s just way too many times already that men around us do such things to get something in return. They sometimes pose as a predator waiting for the kill. And so one wrong move, we’re dead.

Still there are those harmless ones that simply tell you honestly what they feel or to simply make us feel special as we deserve it. Maybe in this instance, we just have to trust our instincts and to just put extra care in our actions so as to avoid sending false signals at the same time keeping us safe from being a possible target to painful experience.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009


"the best thing about me...is YOU!"
by shannon crown
Isn't it the sweetest when the love of your life is ecstatic because HE HAVE YOU and not because SOMEONE HAVE HIM?! This simply connotes the selflessness of the love and it being known to you and to everyone else is just something to cherish...and another reason to fall all over again =)
And so, do not be afraid to tell your better half of that wonderful feeling of having him (or her!) because we all feel the same way when it comes to being loved. Make them feel special the way you wanted to feel special. Do what you wanted to be done to you. Yes, in a relationship there is a need for the so-called GIVE AND TAKE but why wait for a take when you know that giving makes you as happy as your love one will be?!?


Thursday, October 15, 2009

MySpace Music Playlist at MixPod.com

This is amongst my favorites...
a very soothing music that makes me want to wallow
in the love of this man who needs to go.

Michael Frank's "Lady Wants To Know" is one of those songs of the heart that portrays reality, and as I listen, it always makes me feel the love between the couple but there's the wonder as to the reason for the need for distance.

This reality of a man's confusion to what he feels happens, and it sometimes poses a problem to a relationship. And we know that they were the ones who are good at hiding these emotional turmoils that leads to misunderstandings, and seldom do the lady of his heart gives him the so-called "space" he needs simply because the lady is not aware of this unspoken demand. This confusion that becomes all the more confusing. If only they would not include the romantic side of them to that male ego they naturally have. AND if only all the ladies be reminded of these facts that had to be accepted and dealt with to keep the love going.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


If you ask me, it DOES AND DOES NOT! Primarily because in choosing a partner age is just ONE factor to consider. Greater emphasis should be placed on your compatibility. Both ends should meet. He may be younger in years, but you yourself is innocent to the extreme for your preferences to be in agreement. Or he may be a decade older, but you’re wise for your age and thru life experiences you can catch up with his intellectual capacity.

Physically, age can deceive us into revealing signs of maturity. There are some fortunate individuals though were gifted with delayed indicators, yours truly is one of which THANK GOD ;) But partnership does not end with the difference in age. There are the preferences, the principles, and the rearing. Imagine two different individuals who have grown up with different people, have lived and believed in different facts…then suddenly BOOM, love blossoms…here comes in the acceptance of one another. Respecting each individual’s likes and dislikes.

If one is to choose, there is of course greater possibility that the one closest your age will match your partialities. There will not be a problem with the crowd you both fancy, say your community-help gatherings and his sports buddies; the measure of your physical capacity will match as well thus activities will not be so far off, like his trekking and your cracking joints and aching limbs; or simply the concern of any generation gap in music, in events or the so-called “in” things.

…then again LOVE conquers all! Just make sure that THE LOVE YOU HAVE NOW WILL CONTINUE TO BURN AS THE YEARS GO BY. That is why people say, “Think it over a thousand times before saying I DO!”


Tuesday, October 13, 2009


”you got to love me for what I am, for simply being me.
Don’t love me for what you intend, or hope that I would be…”
- from a Karen Carpenter song Love Me For What I Am

This is a common problem encountered in a relationship with a domineering partner, or those with high expectations with their love ones, or even to those who are aware how their better halves loves them way too much. It’s in this situation that such words can be uttered after the relationship have traveled a little while already though not in exactly the same words.

There’s the feeling of inadequacy and/or the feeling of suffocation that leads then to letting go of the love you so hoped to work out. It’s either that one get fed up with too much effort being exerted in the relationship instead of it being comfortable, frequent fights and misunderstandings or simply discontentment.

One cannot insist on a mere physical attraction. The totality of that person needed to be compatible with your own totality if you want your relationship to have an easy flow. Nevertheless, those others also can survive though with a little more challenge and spice if there is full acceptance of each ones differences, strong points and weak points. Respect is very important in every relationship...especially in two differently reared individual adjusting to becoming one.


Thursday, October 8, 2009


It’s utterly sweet when two elementary schoolmates, after decades of separation, have once again found each other to continue with the so-called “puppy love”. It’s amazing that all through the years, and of all the relationships and trials that passed them by, it’s still their own love affair that’s bound to fulfill that void that they need filled.

We all have our own stories to tell, own childhood sweethearts maybe? But not everyone have the same heart bursting excitement of being with that “first love” again. It is timely that I learned of this since I am lately watching this Philippine tele-serye (television series) “Dahil May Isang Ikaw” that also centers on a childhood love that has found each other again. It seems impossible, but then again, now I know that it is possible! As this couple said, “Thanks to Facebook” to which they owe their gratitude for being the bridge to their long lost link.

How about you, have you been as lucky to have such love affair? Or maybe an even better one?


Saturday, October 3, 2009


A rhetorical question, I’m sure! Everybody wants to end up with the RIGHT and not the WRONG one.

People seek their horoscopes in the magazine, have their tarots read looking for the so-called “Soulmate” or simply doing the “find him my way” by not waiting for him to come to her but go look for him. Going to parties to increase the number of choices, agreeing to blind dates hoping for that magical spark of “love at first sight”, or joining dating sites in the web and social networks like Tagged to travel across the globe for a farther search.

We may not voice out our participation in this wide search for Mr. Right…but we definitely are guilty of hoping to find him. Deny it all you want, but there’s no one to benefit but you in this advice:


“Houses and wealth are inherited from parents, but a prudent wife (or husband, I believe) is from the Lord” (Proverbs 19:14). In tagalog version, “Namamana sa magulang ang bahay at kayamanan, Ngunit buhat kay Yahweh ang mabuting maybahay (asawa)”.

He alone can give us the best, we only have to ask Him.



I’m so happy to tell you that I’m finally back, and that I terribly missed blogging and my blogger friends. HOPE YOU’RE ALL STILL THERE, because you’re the reason I keep coming back. If you can notice, my ”blog-mates” have been edited posting your names and identifying sites which are closer to my heart than just your websites…at the same time reviewing them for inactive ones BUT I admit that IT WASN’T SO EASY and so PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOUR NAME WAS UNINTENTIONALLY MISPLACED. I can put it right back in a few strokes, please let me know right away, okay?! No offence friends, peace!

It’s been a while and I tried my best to heal whatever threats I had…I wonder why of all sites…mine was chosen by a hacker to pester. I hope to be rid of them evil-doers FOREVERRRRRRRRRRR!!! Shooooo! Leave me to my simple happiness of making other people happy just reading my posts…and better yet of the friendship created in this World of Blogging.

Let me then end this by saying THANK YOU to all those who have followed me through for almost a year now, for those who drops by every so often, for all commentors who shares with me their thoughts and their time and for all who have became as dear to me as I am to them!



Thursday, October 1, 2009


HELLO FRIENDS! i need help with my site!!!

if you can notice, it's been a while since i last visited my site...please understand that i am at the moment trying to do some html checking for fear of spammers and hackers.

don't be alarmed if at this moment you will not see YOUR links in my blogroll, which i have temporarily deleted BUT i promise to restore soon. i apologize and i hope this will not affect our connections and friendship.

i'll be back as soon as i can. please do not hesitate to email me at jeniortizxv@gmail.com for any message you wanted for me to read sooner.


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