Saturday, April 23, 2011

"We were given: Two hands to hold. Two legs to walk. Two eyes to see. Two ears to listen. But why only one heart? Because the other was given to someone else. For us to find."

Again, ONE HEART TO GIVE TO SOMEONE! Some one, not some two or some three but some ONE. And there lay in the problem the moment people decides not to follow. Their life and the lives of others they embraced into the circle of chaos and confusion loses peace.

Just because they broke balance. Just because they broke equilibrium. Just because they got greedy with the addictive effects of loving and being loved.

REMEMBER: Anything in excess is not good!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

It is all overwhelming, the friendship, then the relationship, then the engagement. You are blissfully happy and contented. But it does not end to that. It's not all courtship, sweetness and dating. Because after that it will be more than that. Much, much more than that. Because next to engagement will be marriage, commitment and responsibility. Next it will not just "you and me" but "you, me and them". The family. The children.

There will be a need to prepare yourself to let go of prioritizing yourself and your better half. You need to be prepared to forget yourself a little and focus on those tiny people that will solely depend on you. They will depend on you to take care of them. Provide them things they need and want. Those signature bags you buy for your collection and use will be changed to toddler backpack. And of course, you still wouldn't want less than the best. Not just anything, but these pretty ones that will be the envy of others. School will come and nap mats will be needed. Again, you kids have to be the best. Why have the least if you can have the best among the rest?

Still, we also have to consider that life is not that easy to live. You got to have better source than "just enough" because when you have a family to care for, you have to think one step ahead. Business like Embroidery Dallas to add to your monthly salary is ideal.

Again, It's not all courtship, sweetness and dating. Because after that will be marriage, commitment and responsibility.


WEDDING PICTURES are worth more than you can bargain for. After all it is a memory to keep. The once in a lifetime event that will keep poking you all through out your life together. How nice will it be to go back time and again to one of the happiest days of your life.

THIS IS YOUR DAY!!! Do not just make do with anyone. Do not put this memento in the hands of just any photographer. Instead put it in the hands of DAN RONALD DIGITALS. A good friend of mine I highly recommend. =)


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lovey-dovey truly is engrossed with his guitar lessons, and you started to enjoy it yourself. think that he is not getting factual promises to his learning expectations. How can you trust the guitar program that you truly will learn with their guidance when you are getting false promises. It may just be a total waste of time.

Were you being told that will be insanely good overnight? Or even just in 3 days? Promises like learning to play complicated solo's in no time? THAT'S SIMPLY UNTRUE! At times they give misleading information and in the end blame your incapability to grasp, but truth is, they have given you high hopes and false claims.

Start off with Guitar Superstars Review and from the very start know the TRUTH. You will be given expectations highly true. Know that YOU AND HIM will learn and the end will be able to play together which will strengthen the bond you have with each other.



It's not a sin to hope...
You're not at fault to wish...


You may be hearing a lot of summer love affairs, especially to those who loves to go to the beach. This is a time to cool off, to unwind. Relaxation includes putting down of guards and defenses. Therefore making people more vulnerable, more accepting of what is and what can be.

Summer love affairs on the other hand sometimes ends the next season. And so it is advisable to get a clearer head. Protect your heart. Be smarter, be wiser...and let it be true love instead of just an affair.


Do you believe in soul mates? That in this world we live in there is someone that has direct connection to you? Imagine meeting someone with the same line of thought as you! No more hesitations to what you can or cannot say, no more trying to like what he likes but be totally be loving it as much...because you are one and the same. He is your soul mate!


Give yourself the chance to be with that someone you deserve and who deserves you. Nothing more can complete you than the relationship who can fill the void and that special someone who can replace all the inconsistencies of life. But you cannot just have to pave the way for you and him to cross paths. And it is not impossible, in fact there has been so many instances already that HE MET HER. SHE FOUND HIM. Thanks to the best dating sites that became the key to that. Why waste your time and resources to just any? You never know, maybe you are going farther away instead. You just have to see though the comparison of dating site communication features for you to know which can give you best access to him. Communication is vital in the meeting process as well as the progression of the relationship. Don't settle to those dating sites that allows you only to have exchange of mails and messages with flirty icons. You need to be able to chat with them for more complete exchange of information and for you to be able to call each other also so you can express more and to know each other more.

YOU"LL KNOW...if only you will get the chance. So try and get the best chance with the best dating site to find your soulmate!



What a way to start the morning!!! I was checking more than a thousand of my emails when I read this mail sent to my by a friend a week ago. SO NICE that it reminds us of what we should DO TODAY NOT TOMORROW and of how not to refrain from showing love to our love ones. SO SAD and inspiring story you should not miss. And so I am sharing:

Everlasting Love

One fine day, an old couple around the age of 70, walks into a
lawyer's office.
Apparently, they are there to file a divorce.

Lawyer was very puzzled, after having a chat with them, he got
their story....
This couple had been quarreling all their 40 over yrs of marriage
nothing ever seems to go right.

They hang on because of their children, afraid that it might
affect their up-bringing. Now, all their children have already
grown up, have their own family, there's nothing else the old
couple have to worry about, all they wanted is to lead their
own life free from all these years of unhappiness from their
marriage, so both agree on a divorce....

Lawyer was having a hard time trying to get the papers done,
because he felt that after 40 yrs of marriage at the age of 70,
he couldnt understand why the old couple would still want a divorce..

While they were signing the papers, the wife told the husband..
"I really love u, but i really cant carry on anymore, I'm sorry.."
"Its o.k, i understand.." said the husband. Lookin at this,
the lawyer suggested a dinner together, just 3 of them,wife thought,
why not, since they are still gonna be friends..

At the dining table, there was a silence of awkardness.
The first dish was roasted chicken, immediately, the old man took
the drumstick for the old lady.."take this, its your favourite.."

Looking at this, the lawyer thought maybe theres still a chance,
but the wife was frowning when she answer.."
This is always the problem, you always think so highly of yourself,
never thought about how I feel, dont you know that i hate

Little did she know that, over the years, the husband have
been trying all ways to please her, little did she know
that drumsticks was the husband's favourite. Little did he know
that she never thought he understand her at all,
little did he know that she hates drummsticks even though
all he wants is the best for her.

That night, both of them couldnt sleep, toss and turn,
toss and turn...after hours, the old man couldnt take it anymore,
he knows that he still loves her, and he cant carry on life
without her, he wants her back, he wants to tell her, he is sorry,
he wanted to tell her "i love you"...

He picks up the phone, starting dialing her number....
ringing never stops..he never stop dialing....

On the other side, she was sad, she couldn’t understand how
come after all these years, he still doesnt understand her
at all, she loves him a lot, but she just cant take it anymore....
phone's ringing, she refuses to answer knowing that its him...
"whats the point of talking now that its over...i have ask for
it and now i wanna keep it this way, if not i will lose face.."
she thought...still ringing...she have decided to pull out the

Little did she remember, he have heart problems...

The next day, she received news that he had passed away...
she rushed down to his apartment, saw his body, lying on the couch
still holding on to the phone...he had a heart attack when he was
still trying to get through her phone line....

As sad as she could be...she will have to clear his belongings...
when she was looking thru the drawers, she saw this insurance
policy, dated from the day they got married, with the beneficiary
being her... And together in those file, there was this note...

"To my dearest wife, by the time you're reading this,
I'm sure I'm no longer around, I bought this policy for you,
though the amount is only $100k, I hope it will be able to help
me continue my promise that i have made when we got married,
I might not be around anymore, I want this amount of money to
continue taking care of you, just like the way I will if I
could have live longer. I want you to know Iwill always be
around, by your side... I love you"

Tears flowed like river......

"When you love someone, let them know... You never know what
will happen the next minute.... Learn to build a life together..
Learn to love each other. For who they are.. not what they are..."


Monday, April 4, 2011

"It has not been as severe before!"

Often, as people get older all the stress accumulates and they get more and more panicky even to simple situations that can be handled without raising their heartbeat, blood pressure or their breathing changed to grasps.

Anxiety is a normal part of life, but in cases that it gets serious, it has to be treated. If your husband is having this, it will make his life and yours, be miserable. There will be excessive and on-going worrying over not really serious stuffs, restlessness, irritability, muscle tension, tiredness, trembling, nervousness or easy to be startled.

Stop Panic Attacks as early as possible. This will save his heart from undue stress and both your lives a bit more jovial and easy.

Be aware that anxiety can be genetically acquired. It is one of those inheritance we wouldn't want to inherit. It can also be a physiologic problem. There may be an imbalance in the neurotransmitters than carries messages to the brain that alters the reactions to different situations. And as per mentioned on the early part of the post, environmental factors like childhood traumas and stress can lead to anxiety disorder or panic attacks.

Panic Away Program is one nice way to deal with excessive panicking and anxiety. Why suffer when you can go on with life without it.



As the previous post spoke of being a Great Wife...sensuality comes to mind and the need to keep the fire going.

We just have to admit that in a marriage, it is vital that the interest for one another do not die down. If before you vowed to love each other forever you can barely keep your hands off each other, the more should you feel inclined to do just that because you have all the freedom to do so.

It does not end to looking and smelling nice and then you get to tumble to bed. Feed the imagination, make both of you crave, feel the desire build...and this will not end with the act itself. Hours and even days after, the thought will linger. And so will the excitement for future surprises. MAKE IT WORTH WAITING FOR. Be creative, be naughty, be different all the time. And you will find that it is not just him you are pleasing but yourself as well. Do not focus on the physical union alone...but the before and after as well.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Yes, don't settle for being "JUST" a housewife. Be a great housewife!

This commonly is the reason why husbands tend to bend a little with their fidelity. That after a few years after marriage, the wife gets boring. From the well-dressed, all-the-time looking beautiful and smelling wonderful girl he met, you turned into the fairly looking wife that looks to be meant only for household chores. Perk up his interest every time. Make him see you as he sees you before. Dress up and prepare for his return from a tiring day at the office!

Aside from being his wife, be his pal. Go out on once in a while and do things he love. Fishing, golf, tennis? Try to find again those common interests that made you clicked before. Be his partner! His office may not be your domain as much as your kitchen is, but if you know better about concrete polishing extend your knowledge. Offices are like home to them as they are longer there than at your house. Suggest the widely appreciated polished concrete or stained concrete that most offices and residential have. You even probably have it at your own home. Aside from the superb look it does on the place, it is known for durability. The maintenance is also commendable as it is easier and more cost effective. Existing concrete floors is not a problem as it can resurfaced with the desired type.

What do you say, you can suggest this to anyone. With a Concrete Art-FX finish, gone were the dusty floors, moisture emitting concretes and the dull and lifeless floors.

In the end of it all, you will be the Great Housewife that you are!!


Is it possible that a couple have different views on faith?

Have you ever once met a couple who believes in different doctrine and survive a relationship? Some probably have tried working it out but it just never last, or if does, NOT in a fulfilled and contented way. They simply exist together but they do not live together. And it is not "loving" when you do not care enough to just let them be!!! Especially when in your belief, you know that you will not be together forever, due to the belief that he has.

Having mutual understanding and respect to the teachings equates to mutual way of living. The doctrines that serve as guide to living in the society and the path to salvation cannot be disregarded in how a relationship can work. Two individuals that love and care of each other starts to speak and act the same in just a few months. Some even comments that they start to look the same, probably due to the facial expressions one acquire from the other. In the same manner, the beliefs also molds to one. Either one accepts the belief of the other or vice versa.

Am I correct?


Friday, April 1, 2011


COMMUNICATION is a very special part of a relationship. Being able to tell someone how you feel, may it be reciprocated or not, gives you the contentment that you did something. You did your part.

The same goes for ones pursuit of livelihood. You need ways in verbalizing your goals and objectives; you need to spread the news of your existence; tracking of your target group; and to know how effective are you to them. And you need to keep being heard. To not be placed on the side but upfront all the time. With email marketing software you can continuously expect being remembered. You can have them sent newsletters, tip of the week, daily quotes...anything that will make you part of their lives; more like a simple poke. Unlimited emails can be sent and depending on your chosen plan varies the number of contacts and offers. And you can track of who opened your emails or who followed your links at the pre-scheduled/scheduled time.

Communicate...personally or through mails. Be glad that now technology makes it a lot more easier for you. And services such as email marketing to even do it for you.


More tears...
And more tears
Drying tears
Letting go...
Dried tears


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