Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Are you the type that jumps from one relationship to another, being strong enough to move on and not dwell on the past believing that if it's not meant to be then find which one is?!

Or are you amongst those who makes sure, either being doubly careful not wanting to get hurt or probably have gone through it so many times already that you are careful of breaking your heart once again? Or it's just possible that you are just very much aware of the possibilities and would want to do everything right the first time?!

I have been both, actually. In my younger days, when I knew that I'm too young for truly serious relationships to the point of ending up in a wedding ceremony right away, I can psyche myself into moving on though not outright "new" man. I move on by going back on track with or without being involved once again. At the latter part, I am now more experienced with life and knows that TIME matters. That in time, it will all be revealed to you what the best to do and of what you both really feel.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010


It is frightening to be "physically abused" but it is as hurtful to be "verbally abused".

There are couples that go on separate ways to avoid being in such a situation that both will regret, and one of which is the exchange of painful words. But there also are some that stays but suffers the effects of being abused. Either they believe to love the other so much that they can bear any assault, they have no choice because of a child that blossomed during the relationship, that they are tied in the bonds of marriage already or worse of all is when they are not aware that they are being abused already.

Words can affect us. Positively or negatively, whatever was said directly to us affects us. And emotionally, we carry it with us even after it was said and forgotten. Unfortunately those words molds us to what we become as we continue to hear it, and live with it. If time and again we are reminded of our weaknesses, insecurities build up. In the end we became enslaved by it and in ourselves believe that we really are what was said of us. The other way around, strengths became the foundation to our reaching our goals.

WE ALL HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE RESPECTED! Do not let anyone pull you down to what he thinks you are when you know that you are more than what he sees in you. If by chance that you do have a weakness, he should be there to help you overcome it, he should be loving you with or without it. And not rub it in and laughs at your face with it. Because he does not deserve all the goodness you have if your weaknesses he cannot accept. NOBODY HAVE THE RIGHT TO HURT YOU WITH ANYTHING: physical blows or splitting words.


Monday, September 20, 2010


I am a sentimental fool...I admit to that! I kept all the letters given me since childhood, varying from birthday cards friendly cards, get-well-soon cards, ALL KINDS of cards, noted and letters...not forgetting LOVE LETTERS.

I love writing therefore, as expected, they write back. But it touches the heart to receive one when you're not expecting it. Yes, it's usual to get one when there is an occasion or celebrations...so why not give one on an ordinary day just saying you miss them? or just sharing love to your better halves? family or friend? You don't also need an excuse to send letters and cards. It is one way of keeping in touch, it is one way of letting someone know they are thought of. And not just sending them a very simple text message, but something better. something more tangible like photo christmas cards or photo whatever-occasion cards. and something more personalized is always better than just those that you can buy anywhere.

This is such a great idea that I am now signing off to print some and send them asap ;)



Thursday, September 16, 2010


It is not unusual to see a family moving-in in your neighborhood. Life is unpredictable, yes, because there are times when you yourself are surprised with the sudden turn of events. One moment you're happily celebrating life of being single and next thing you know you met the man of your dream and you're getting married. Another time you are loving your place, the place you grew up to with your loving parents and the next instant you are about to move out whether you like it or not. Sometimes it's your choice like when you opt to migrate, but there are also times that you have to find a more accessible place to your work place or to your own family's sake.

What I believe to be getting more and more popular are those condominiums that are in the heart of the city and in most preferred place to be. Wise. But wiser still, you don't get a very big one, just enough for you and your hubby, or maybe your family if you started already. And what you only worry for is the space for your stacks and boxes of things you cannot let go of. Gladly, there are places for such already...it's Self Storage Ipswich. Whatever you're concern is about this, they have them answered and dealt with. Check and see the convenience these has to offer and i'm sure you'll end up saying what I do..."That's a great idea!"



The Countess of Havenhurst possessed a rare gentleness and fierce courage to match her exquisite beauty. But her reputation is shattered when she is discovered in the arms of Ian Thornton, a notorious gambler and social outcast.

A dangerously handsome man of secret wealth and mysterious lineage, his voyage to Elizabeth's heart is fraught with intrigue, scandal, and a venomous revenge.

Destined for each other, yet wary of each other's motives, Elizabeth and Ian engage in a dance of suspicion and passion that tests thevery soul of their star-crossed love. As a twisting path of secrets takes them from London's drawing rooms to the mysterious Scottish Highlands, Elizabeth must learn the truth: is Ian merely a ruthless fortune hunter at heart?


One of the best stories I have ever read. I love reading it over and over! Imagine being transported back in time where women goes to balls and dances in court in their flowing wonderful dresses. You will be caught up in the the book feeling that you were there yourself. Experience the simplicity of life and love in their times...but be surprised on how passionate they are too.

The very beautiful Elizabeth being a martyr of needing to save her family by getting married found herself in the arms of not her fiance but the most handsome Ian and falling hopelessly in love.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Giving time to be with one another is a key to a sturdier relationship. May you be two single couple trying to make it work or a married couple with kids and fighting your way in keeping the fire burning...YOU HAVE TO HAVE TIME ALONE WITH ONE ANOTHER.

And it has always been in my romantic mind's eye to be in the woods and cuddle in front of the fire, dive in the water naked together, be inside a cozy tent for hours without worrying you have to wake up in a few minutes or be late for work. How nice ti would be to spend a few days in a secluded area with just the two of you, bonding. Learning more of each other you have not had the time to in your fast pace of life in the city, discovering ways to make each other be better as an individual and as a couple, or simply enjoying each others company.

End the wait, get into the comfy and safe to travel on rvs and get your most deserve vacation for two!!!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Within my dating years, I have heard, not just a dozen times, that it is normal to have disagreements in a relationship. In fact whenever my relationship with a boyfriend ends, it never passes without an advice from friends to have healthy fights. That maybe we separated because we're too placid. That it is healthy in a relationship to have "healthy fights".

Up until now I don't believe that! Do you?

Maybe it's my belief that people get along with their similarities. Maybe I still think that talking things through right away is the solution and there is no need for fights, raised voices or flying objects included. That there could be spice in a relationship other than tension, clash, friction, argument, squabble....

Or am I right? Maybe it is proper to have those healthy fights? Maybe that is still the reason why I am single??? What do you think?


Saturday, September 11, 2010


People think in varying ways. Some believe in soul mate, some believe in meant to be, and some believe in looking for the right one or paving ways to meet that special someone.

If you are amongst those who think that we are given choices, free will, the responsibility of living your life and finding for yourself how your life will turn out...we are on the same line of thoughts. I know that the heavens have plans for each one of us, but then the end still depends on how we live it, on our part on it and on our every decision.

Therefore, in finding the perfect mate, I know that He alone can give me who is the best for me but I have to work for it as well. I have to pave way to meet him. How can I if I will just be cooped home? Or live in a shell? But I don't have an idea when, where, or how. Thus, I know I have to give reasons for my special someone to find me. And it could be at work, it could be at church, it could be at a party...or it can even be at toronto canadian dating site. He could be anywhere!!! Agree with me?

The thing is...GIVE HIM A CHANCE TO FIND YOU! As surprising as it can be, he may be on those dating sites made availble for romantic fools like us (wink!)


Friday, September 10, 2010


Do you believe that MEN WILL LOVE YOU MORE IF YOU LOVE HIM THROUGH HIS STOMACH? By fulfilling his hunger and cravings for food?

The truth is, I've been hearing a lot about this, but up until now I have no answer to that question. Thinking about it, I LOVE TO EAT. And maybe, just maybe, giving your man what he loves (which may be eating most of the time) will guarantee return of that love. From my previous relationships I gathered that men are simply more interested in eating than women are, them also not being overly conscious of bulging stomachs. So I concluded that pleasing them with tasty and sumptuous meals will make them happier, more thankful and more loving to you.


I have always wished to have my own car to drive since teenage life. Its been an envy to see one oozing away in their own baby's, may it be a salivating brand new car or sparkling though Used Jaguar Tempe.

In my mind I see myself behind the wheels driving along the highway, and as the light turns red, a hunk pulls over beside me and eyes me and my baby. BIG LAUGH! But a dream that can come true!!!

We honestly can say that it will easier to make happen with second hand cars. Its not practical nowadays anymore to go grabbing brand new ones when you can have the same at a lower cost. Millionaires go tired of them in a few months, replace them, and leave them in sale for us to partake with. SUMPTUOUS! haha. So let's go window shopping and you never know, you might actually have one for yourself at a price just a wee bit higher of your old car when sold.


Thursday, September 9, 2010




Every couple have their own dreams to fulfill, and amongst them were their dream houses. The sanctuary of their love, a house to fill with love and kids.

I've always thought of having one with a wonderful landscape, a garden to lay around together in, a pool to dip into during the night and make fabulous love. This brings to mind Austin Custom Pool Builder. Who else can make the best but them.

Blame me not for looking far out ahead, but honestly, I've been building my house in my mind since I had my first boyfriend in High School. But believe me or not, I have never pictured anybody with me yet. It's always a faceless man for fear that when I think of it, it will not come true...or maybe for fear of being disappointed that it's not that present love of my life. Lucky me, I never felt disappointed, because up until now I am building those dreams in my mind.

And now I whisper to myself, I don't need to wait for that man to build my dream house. Why not put it up, and wait for that someone to complete the picture?! Right-O?



Personally, I believe that AGE DOES MATTER when it comes to relationships. Because accept it or not, there is a need for connection and the level of maturity and understanding is affected by age, in addition to it alone will be exposure or experience.

Women naturally matures earlier than men. And so if a woman per chance will be older than the man in a relationship, there is a greater chance that the man will be left behind when it pertains to decision making and preferences. And remember that it is vital in a relationship that you have communication. You need to enjoy talking with each other, not not merely trying to be like the other to try and meet half way. Because if you are thinking way ahead, the future, there will come a time that both of you can do nothing but talk.

Physically, women matures easily as well. And insecurities can develop which will also affect the relationship. Attached to it is jealousy...then will come the misunderstandings, waivering respect, and so on and so forth.

Men can be older than the women and still they meet. And that's partly because the maturity of the woman coped with the maturity of the man, them being late bloomers.

THIS IS ACTUALLY JUST MY POINT OF VIEW...what can you say about it?


We fall in love, then we break our hearts....

It is not unusual to hear such stories. That's how life is. But what is not so common is the next stage to that, and that is:

We fall in love, get married, break our hearts, and get separated...

Sad to say, this thing is getting more and more common. The word DIVORCE, SEPARATION or ANNULMENT seems to be getting frequently heard among our peers. That no matter how we find it wrong, no matter how we want to help and advice the ones involved, we just have to accept sometimes that not every relationship is worth keeping. That there's so much to consider but then time comes when the ones involve have to let matters be settled legally. And there's nothing like the Austin Divorce Attorney who can help you the most. We have to admit that there's much to take care of, and both ends do not always get into agreement. That is if there's not a single way...a tinnie winnie bit of chance left....do the right thing and let your attorney make it right for both of you.

"MEN LIE, THEY JUST DO" by Madonna


"MEN LIE, THEY JUST DO" by pop idol Madonna is a popular phrase for me. Maybe based from experience, I can say that "Yeah, she's right!"

But I guess the "In every rule there is an exemption" can also count here. I cannot generally say that they lie since I do not all of them...not ALL men but MOST men do, perhaps.

Why you say? I actually do not know because I AM A WOMAN! Maybe you can enlighten us, if you are a man?


Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Human easily reacts to Scent...and when we speak of attraction to the opposite sex, the SCENT matters a great deal. Sometimes next to physical attributes, sometimes greater.

We all want to have someone smelling nice and good to be with. But its not as simple as anyone wearing anything. There is the so-called scent to match your personality and the scent to match your body chemistry. You simply have to know what gives you the boost that you need and not the other way around.

And of course, there is a plus point to scents that are within the elite social circle...because admit it or not, we give a little more preference to those wearing branded ones than unknown scent. May it be truly branded or smells like the branded ones doesn't matter sometimes. Especially if you can't tell one from the other. And thanks to sites like Scent.net for allowing us choices for opportunities to prick the senses.



One of the greatest differences between the sexes is their perception of sex.

Most common is MEN being able to have sex just with visual stimulation and WOMEN needs more than just the senses, but more of the intangible things like love, comfort and care.



The heartache of losing a love one is tremendous. And the burden one carries with it is so great that one tend to care less for anything else but the need to grieve with the loss.

But we have to be aware that there is so much to take care of. So much to do. And do not forget the financial matters that you will have to face during or after all that. Either the management of debts or assets and claims...you need someone to trust to take care of all that for you. And gladly, you just have to Trust Attorney Austin.

Probate lawyers are there to handle vast concerns and responsibilities up to a point of looking non-manageable to you. Legal matters concerning wills and testaments, paying debts, distribution of assets to heirs or any in relation to it, is being seen to with the probate courts supervision. At any time there are claims from creditors, challenging of wills or disputes that will give you more stress than the grief that put you down...the assistance of probate lawyers are heaven sent.

Yes, it is heart wrenching to lose a love one, but it will be more painful to lose what he left for you as well if you're not careful.

CRUISING by Huey Lewis/Gwyneth Paltrow



It is wonderful to see couples that have aligned interest. This states their compatibility. And in one glance you know that they spend time together on common ground and that it is most likely that they enjoy being with each other.

I have seen TV addict couples and it is not such a big deal for them to just stay home on weekends. They even call it "quality-time-home-weekends". And hour after hour, they are hooked watching TV!!!

But now it's good news for them that there is Free TV Online because they can do this even if not secluded "weekly" in the sanctuary of their home. They can enjoy it even if outdoors. They can watch TV in their carry on laptops while loving the garden breeze, the mist of the beach, or anywhere else to do so somewhere different. After all...it often creates more thrill and spark to be somewhere else and still being together.

Experiencing something new together is always an added spice to your relationship, right?




"I love you!" does not just end up with "I love you, too!"

There are innumerable outcomes to hearing those words when you count the days, the months and the years that it has been said...depending on what comes with it. Does it come with a harmonious life together? Or does it come with a stressful day? A peaceful environment? Or a difficult boss?

Therefore it is but right that in a relationship you get involve with your partner. You don't just go loving each other inside the bedroom. You have to give love through sharing, consoling, giving advice or sometimes simply listening and being there for him.

A company owner once had a big problem his company with regards to fraud that he got involved with it so much that he carried the problem at home without voicing it out. That affected his relationship and added to his confused mind...in the end losing them both.

Talk about it! If only he had...his wife's previous employer has had similar experience and his very wife had help solve it by advising on data destruction. One form of fraud, which is data recovery/data theft, has been seen to by the data destruction security service. Data disposal in its proper way like hard drive shredding is one of the ways they do to protect sensitive information.

"IF ONLY...", let this phrase not be in your vocabulary when it comes to your relationship because this can only mean REGRET!.


Saturday, September 4, 2010


"Admiration is a curiosity."
~ by Greg Evans


Friday, September 3, 2010

I have always thought of this, BOY TOY. How come it is thought of as such then points to cars, bikes, things as such. We definitely can make it a GIRL TOY as well.

But what the heck! We are women and women are there to please men more than the other way around. (well, that is after the courtship!)

And so in my mind, I think of what to please my man than of what he do not do or give to please me. Agree with me in saying that it is human nature to be that way. That when we are in love, we tend to give our all more selflessly.

How did this came to mind? Well, I heard of this Los Angeles Auto Insurance and reminded me of cars and him. Men definitely will be ecstatic to be given such a toy, and will appreciate it even more to be informed that there is an insurance for that toy.






We have to accept the fact that internet is addictive. And having a better half addicted to it is much much more preferable than having someone addicted to something else.

Truth to say, we can even be glad that they are at least they stay home as compared to those others whom you have to search for else you won't be seeing awake since they come home in the wee hours of the morning and wakes up after you're gone to work.

One thing you have to do is to make sure that they have satelite high speed internet to keep them rooted at home. Furthermore, it is beneficial to you as well loving technology and its gift of ease with those internet availabilities at the comfort of your home.

You just have to be a little persuasive and artful in making them leave their seats in front of the PC if you think you need their time away from the internet!

MY ALL by Mariah Carey





Time flies by whenever you are together. It seems that there are endless things to talk about, not wanting to end the time you have with each other.

This actually comes to mind each time I look at wall clocks. The romantic me always goes back to the happiness of having another. Whatever thing I look at, there always is a connection. And as always, as I look at a clock, as I did so just a few minutes ago when I browse around looking for a wonderful one that would be nicely put in my bedroom wall,I can't seem to stop such thoughts float by.





The men in our lives is what we want to please most...and believe it or not, men simply love sports. I have yet to hear of a man who does not perk their ears at a mention of sports.

And it is but imperative that we try and give them what is closest to their hearts. It is nice to please, not for anything in return. Even just the thought of seeing their eyes lit up and that wonderful smile they will throw your way...how I love pleasing them. And it probably is connected to the maternal us. On how we want to take care of people, on how we want them to feel happy and satisfied, on how we tend to spoil them and give them what we know would complete their day.

One thing I have heard of recent that gives one BIG impact are these sportsbooks reviews. Have you seen it? Have you tried giving your man such as this? Definitely worth a try!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It does not hurt to try and look different at times. As human nature, we crave for attention. It is most pleasing if the people we care about notices us, more so comments on the effort we make to be better in his/her eyes.

In so saying, we do whatever it takes to make changes just so it will not always be the same old boring you. We have new hair cuts, we change wardrobes, or even to the point of changing our eye color. Glad there are a lot of ways now to do such. It does not have to be limited to Halloween Contacts but an ordinary day eye contact lens that gives a whole new different look. Probably matching your outfit, or even your hair color.

Call it vanity if you want, but I call it fashion. I also can say it's just one of those simple ways to give your love one a poke for seeing you only as you always are...and now surprise him and yourself with a whole new spark.



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