Tuesday, November 30, 2010


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"Collect and Select is the wisest thing to do" is what I often hear my dad say to my brother. And in my mind I know that it also is for me. At this day and age, we have to be giving ourselves further chances of finding that perfect mate. That special someone who can make us happy at the same time who we can make happy. And not just anyone who happens to come along...but he who fits your qualification.

We know that it's not easy to outright find that person. Therefore we go dating. We try and meet up people...then again, with that we are limited to those among our circles of friends and their acquaintances. And more often than not we succumb to facing someone we almost have no knowledge about which results to embarrassing meet up's. Either you're both trapped to a long boring night out or cut-off date that leaves you both frustrated.

Why not try the very effective and practical virtual dating? As the European Journal of Social Psychology says, "People who go on virtual dates first tend to like each other more when they meet and are two times more likely to go on a second date." It's like you have gotten past the uncomfortable stage of getting to know the basics of one another. Then you get to be more confident that both of you have enough knowledge on one another to get you interested for the first and second dates...which you can continue to build on the succeeding dates. And interaction with someone in the most comfortable environment for you helps a lot in doing away with queasiness. THS Investigates very words about it, "Singles can interact in a simulated dating environment online from the comfort of their own home." I personally go with such an initial interaction, at a distance. Well, not only will you be more comfortable at the comfort of your home but the common human reaction to meeting an unknown individual of nervousness and uncertainty can be forgone.

Now that it's the start of the "colder" season, a time to snuggle, a time to have someone to snuggle with...I again remember the first time I've heard of this virtual dating. I did not believe it until I have tried it...and tried it I did, with It is that time of the year when people mostly seeks companionship as well therefore I truly found a lot who feels the same yearning as I did. And I got to meet not just those within my usual selection of dark hair and dark eyes...but beautiful blonds and redheads with green and blue eyes of the west!!! I truly enjoyed it there at Smingle, and I know you would to. You even get 3 months free by simply uploading a photo. what's the wait?! It is but a click away to finding your perfect "virtual mate" that is possibly your "reality mate"!

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Friday, November 26, 2010


Been missing my best bud for so long...and now that she's finally back and just a few hours away, its frustrating not to be able to see her pronto!!!



Monday, November 15, 2010


Soon it will be gift giving once again...and you don't know what to give HIM. I know how you feel, it's the same for me each and every year, and not just once a year considering all the occasions we are obliged to give and the non-occasional days when you just want to give him something (wink!)

If you are like me who read pocketbooks, I'm sure you also have come across novels that circles around the earlier centuries. And maybe somehow can appreciate those times when men have this so called "study" or this own room where he settles down to, to do his work. More like a library to which does not commonly interests women before. I like the idea of having such for my hubby, if and when I have one already hahaha. I guess these days it is better called "office" or office space in the home.

And this gave me an idea of having an old-fashioned library in our home that have stuffs to make it old fashioned but homely. Maybe you can start having one as well so you can fill it up little by little through gift givings in the coming year. GREAT IDEA, right? And the first that comes to my mind that is old fashioned will be the clock. Thinking of Grandfather clocks, well, if the place is big enough maybe something like it. But I have seen this site with hermle clocks and those wonderful ideas I have never thought before. Like this table here that I find uniquely magnificent as well as this tabletop glass encased hermle clock. What do you think? Does your husband have his own study or space like such?

Well...I hope this help you somehow with the gift ideas you're suppose to be thinking of as early as now for the coming year-end celebrations.


Friday, November 12, 2010


"Men's second childhood begins when a woman gets a hold of him."
~ James M. Barrie

Can we blame it on human nature? Women are basically created to pamper. It pleases us to take care of people, especially our love ones. We have this maternal instinct to take care of our kids. That no matter how much we need a Handbook for Dummies when we first hold our first borne, we still know how when worst comes to worst. And this instinct we extend not only to kids, but to our man. We tend to go soft on them. We try to make everything right for them. We do things that will make them happy. AND THEY ARE AWARE OF THIS! Since men and women were created to fit each others needs, this is probably when men gives in to what the women needs to their advantage! On the other hand, we love them more when they let us do it. It's like fulfillment of our duty being a woman. Even on the negative end...when they whine and we reprimand (hahaha!)

Therefore, I truly agree with James Barrie, don't you?


Thursday, November 11, 2010


I remember seeing you on your knees with love in your eyes...
you were holding that sparkling ring that I have never removed since.
A few months after, after a blurry of preparation...
we walk down the aisle and you made me yours to keep.
TO FOREVER we vowed...
till death do us part.

Yes, DEATH is a reality we hate to face when it comes to the ones we love. But looking around us, we know that it comes in a snap. We believe in our heart that we can never be prepared to let go if that reality will be tomorrow. And the same goes for our better half. He almost do not want to think about it as well. But we are thinking about it NOW...and in your minds eye you put yourself in his shoes. You cannot leave him just as he is now. You cannot leave him worrying because you are not insured. WHY DO SO WHEN YOU CAN INSURE YOURSELF and in your heart you would know that you are saying " loving you more".

Buy Life Insurance the easiest way. With no hassles to filling up form after form, nor a need to give up a lot of your time. Now you can do it online wherever country you are, because one of the ever first companies in the US is making it possible for you to have online insurance. Don't let him worry when your time comes....


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"WHY?" A question that is continuously ringing in her ears and is at the back of her mind 24 hours a day as she tries to understand the reason for the break-up. She may be trying to top one question over another digging the root of the problem. But no matter how much she denies it, she knows that IT IS OVER.

Are you in this state of heart wrenching pain? Had a recent break up? Or maybe on the verge of breaking up? Let Joey Albert join you in your pain...listen to her lovely song and let her help you admit the fact that IT'S OVER NOW.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Nothing more important for soon to be wed couples than to prepare for their life together. And in our present day, it is but natural for women to be assured that their husbands to be can provide for the family that they will be building.

Personally, a house to call our home is amongst the very firsts to take into consideration. It is never a contentment for me to just rent in apartments. I have to have my own place, as I am sure any wife would want. Two main parts of the house comes first, the bedroom and the kitchen. In my mind I see either modern or rustic bedroom furniture. My kitchen would need to be sparkly clean, mostly in steel or wood.

But a house is just a house without the warmth and the love. And every family loves building memories. How nice it would be to have them in your own place and not in those places you will be renting?!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Have you ever been in such a dilemma when you just can’t decide who you love better? That you can have either one of them so in your mind, you just let them be there both for you…but in reality you have to choose!?! Well, some would say “lucky you” to find not just one but two who interests you that much and that the feeling is mutual. But the truth is ~ it is difficult!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not having such a dilemma…well, I do, but only with my problem between choosing for “McDreamy or McSteamy?” Ring a bell? If you are a fanatic of Grey’s Anatomy (or as addicted as I am…yeah, TOTALLY!) you would know that McDreamy is Dr. Derek Shepherd, and McSteamy is Dr. Mark Sloan. These are the two sizzling hot male characters that’s mainly the reason to my unending need to continuously watch the chapter after chapter of the 6 seasons of cd that I have until I reach the very last episode, next to the fantastic write up that truly pokes my emotion with the real life crisis that happens to the patients and the people in a hospital setting. These two characters make my mind go crazy with wanting to be in Meredith Grey’s life, more so within the hospital and within reach of Shepherd and Sloan. ( I wonder…it used to e me wanting to be a Jedi or a super hero, now this?! Haha!) Funny but just now I am having difficulty deciding what story to write in my head to make me fit in the life of my McDreamy or McSteamy that would match up with either one of them. And to whom should I be attracted to really? They actually are two very different men, but both worth fantasizing over, tsk! I love them both but who will be best to be my happy ever after? Darn!

And this is when I stop and sigh, “I am glad in real life I don’t have to choose between two such adorable men!” Do you or have you? It will be magnificent to hear such a real life story of such.

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