Tuesday, May 10, 2011


We heard these words, some even uttered them already. And the facts of life tells us that we can be on these situations. Those two status however need not be unmanageable. YOU CAN MANAGE THOSE FINANCES. The trials your relationship faces need not be the reason for hurting what you have tried so hard to build. Think back how blissful it was when you were madly in love with each other, when after those months the engagement happened because you cannot wait to proclaim to the world that you belong together, and that wedding...when you thank the heavens that this time "life would be so much better" because you will not be alone. There will be another half of you to face the world, winnings or loses, you have another clasping your hand to share the joy or the tears with.

The same goes with finances. You have someone with you, you are not alone. And there actually is another to continue to push up your hope and ease off your burden. The debt management UK can be there to hold the relationship together. There's no need to stress yourself thinking of a way out of those debts, how to manage it, what is the best way to do, etcetera. What you need is the help of experts in assessing all of them. Financial solutions will be provided, debt consolidation to simplify your finances and the likes, things your confused mind cannot digest anymore. Make it easy on you. Make it easy on your relationship. And anything that comes smooth, with less stress, will not make the treasured relationship suffer.



Nothing is too weird to LOVE. Anything you do with the love of your life means a lot. You don't see playing tag in the beach too childish, you don't feel foolish wearing exactly the same clothes and stick with one another as if you're Siamese twins, you don't get bothered dancing in the simply don't think of what others may think as long as you're both happy and that what you are doing is strengthening the bond that you mean to keep bonded forever.

Yes, these foolish things others believe they were were not foolish at all. They are wise things to do to keep the relationship going and to continue to create spark and interest with one another. These activities you do are common to friends, and you are friends! It is a way of continuously knowing one another because as you start of a relationship there are still so many to learn about each other. You want to know the other as deeply as you can so you both can gauge the adjustment you both have to make to be perfect for the other, or to simply know if you did found the perfect match of living your forever with someone who can fit with who you are.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Who says being short is a hindrance to finding someone to date and to love? Definitely not me, nor this short people club.

If you ask me, I honestly can tell you that more often than not, it is just us thinking the negative. We are so self conscious at times that we decide it on ourselves that "there is no use". Even with this height issue. How can you think that your height matters? Well, not to all. And there is just a great percentage of the population having the same height as you do, or maybe even shorter. And there also are some who prefers petite ladies no matter how tall the other is. The body is made to fit, and so does the thoughts and the heart.

Short men is never hopeless unless all you do is talk about being short. Be who you are and your confidence will bring out the best in you. Ladies are not always in for the height or the looks or the money. Ladies are in for the personality, the attitude, and how one carries himself. To them it is sexy being all those qualities you have even though you are below the height you hope to have. And to increase your chances of finding that peace with in you, why not meet short people and build confidence too? Either you date short people like you or if you're tall, date those cute short people many prefers. With short people dating you will find that short lovable one you are looking for. Someone that fits you perfectly! BUT REMEMBER ALWAYS...IT'S NOT JUST THE HEIGHT!!!


It seems that I see more and more family separated by miles stretch of land and water nowadays. People, no matter what the status in life is, goes abroad and stays there to work. And though it keeps them away from their family, they still do so due to the demands of the economy.

"Long distance love affair" therefore is even more common. Married and unmarried couples alike experience this difficult situation. BUT unlike before, this kind of love affair have higher chance of surviving now than before. Thanks to technology!!!

I remember during my childhood, it's snail mail and infrequent overseas calls due to its high cost. In our time, there's the text messaging that travels far and wide in seconds. Calls are cheaper. And the best thing that happened is now you can see each other while you talk to one another. Skype is one way of doing that. Not as busy as the Yahoo Messenger, the delay in Skype is way too little as compared to the other network. Video phone calls also is possible, but for me, it is Skype.



Life indeed is stressful nowadays. We live in a fast pace environment, we twirl around a whirl wheel of activities. The moment we wake up until we turn off the lights at night, there almost is no stopping.

Women more today than women in the past centuries are up in their toes with all their responsibilities. If before it's just the family, the kids and the husband, and house its the family, the house chores,plus the demanding needs of the job to add to the family earnings. The man? Still, as before, just the earning a living, the job. LIFE IN THIS WORLD CHANGED...and so should we all.

In a husband and a wife, PARTNERSHIP is vital. But a woman was made to have a heart of a responsible mother and wife. It is within her to nurture and to care. But present economy demands that she also work. Highest pay is what we all look for today. And nursing job is one of the most popular. And if you show her this wonderful nursing scrubs it will give you that appreciation you deserve. Because these scrubs will somehow ease work a little with the comfort it provides. Free movement for the demands of her job will be less of a burden to her already stiff bones and muscles with all those stress. Inform her of, that this is where to buy cheap scrubs and you will doubly please her with the help you are giving her in budgeting finances.

Back her up in everything she does and every pain, tiredness, burdens will all fly away. They will not matter because YOU ARE THERE FOR HER. And together you can have a happy family and strong relationship amidst all the world trials and hardships.

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