Monday, March 15, 2010


Almost fever high temperature…I’m burning hot! Imagine a sizzling hot thirty six degrees inside the homes of Filipino’s and probably higher outside. It’s not even beach-friendly with that. And what is the instant solution to ease off the heat? Run for cover in an air conditioned room, or turn on to high your electric fans, a dip in the pool (covered, definitely!) and partaking of ice cold beverages.

At this time of the year, summer, it is but natural to increase energy consumption here in the tropics, as it is during winter in other places. The use of heaters and air conditioning is the primary reason for the increasing electric consumption. But we have to also know of ways to Energy saving. This is a constant reminder provided to us along with our electric bills. It is not just for personal benefit, but for everyone. We have to conserve energy, else we will all suffer in the end as we all do now with what was done to Mother Nature. Climate change can be felt in all corners of the world because of her wrath. Severe heat or severe cold...both an after effect to Global Warming. We must all join hands in avoiding further damage. And we also can do so by energy conservation…starting with home energy.

Is it so cold in your end? Share BODY HEAT. Probably the best and most natural means next to installing a fire place. How romantic it can be to sit together in front of the fire as you share a steaming mug of hot chocolate. Cozy, don’t you think? And it doesn’t have to ruin your modern living. I love modern living as well. And fire places go with it already these days. Those witty designers found ways that will surprise you. We must understand that home appliances are the major contributor to high energy cost, and so we must be aware of how to lower it through those appliances you have at home. Be glad as I am of this that I have come across which provides advices and tips PLUS a free “personalized energy report” upon sign up.

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Carolee / Home4ever said...

My major beef is when the kids leave the lights on

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