Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December is one of the busiest month for couturiers, caterers, event coordinators and wedding planners. And this is especially true here in the country.

It simply is the month most couples choose to finally take the vow, to prove of their love for one finally get married. I, for one, have this unfulfilled dream of saying "I do" in December. Maybe because this is the season when most relatives and friends are visible from their long time absence under their workloads. Maybe because the holidays is partly to blame for the pouring out of sentimentality of everyone. Or it could also be the unusually colder climate that makes people love cuddling more.

...and this is one reason why I love this month the most, being the romantic fool that I am (wink!) I find December as the Love Month other than the other months most believe it to be.


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