Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I never believed in "opposites attract". For me there should be similarities to your likes and dislikes for the relationship to last. Its not mere love. There has to be interest, there has to be communication...there has to be common grounds. Or else, in a matter of months boredom will settle in between, and that will in the end be the very reason for separation. Because love will not stay.

And so, notice how the women try to involve themselves in what their better halves love doing. More often than not it is SPORTS. They go out of their way to learn what that sport is all about, play the very game themselves if not master it altogether, or even to the point of learning (not actually necessarily joining) the famous bet on sports done between men just for the fun of it. During the game, they stay beside their man, cheering and shouting as if it is their own personal choice. Sacrifice and commitment, that's what it is. That at times they even convinced themselves that they truly are enjoying, but the truth is they are enjoying his time with her and his notice given her. May it be the season for the NFL, NBA, or whatever game he go crazy of...she is with him ALL THE WAY. Trying to be as sporty as him just so they will have more time together, something to talk about, something to be happy about. works! If you truly love him, you'll try it!


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