Sunday, April 3, 2011

Is it possible that a couple have different views on faith?

Have you ever once met a couple who believes in different doctrine and survive a relationship? Some probably have tried working it out but it just never last, or if does, NOT in a fulfilled and contented way. They simply exist together but they do not live together. And it is not "loving" when you do not care enough to just let them be!!! Especially when in your belief, you know that you will not be together forever, due to the belief that he has.

Having mutual understanding and respect to the teachings equates to mutual way of living. The doctrines that serve as guide to living in the society and the path to salvation cannot be disregarded in how a relationship can work. Two individuals that love and care of each other starts to speak and act the same in just a few months. Some even comments that they start to look the same, probably due to the facial expressions one acquire from the other. In the same manner, the beliefs also molds to one. Either one accepts the belief of the other or vice versa.

Am I correct?


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