Saturday, July 24, 2010


I have just seen the movie Hitch yet again, and as before, I ended up wondering if there really is a Love Doctor like Will Smith there in that movie. How nice it would be for those seeking help in successfully having that person they truly wanted be theirs have someone help them do just that.

Imagine being in a hopeless case with the love of your life and be handed over with a business card to solve your misery! Magic!

Business cards really works. Sometimes we take it fore granted using its back as gift cards when it can be the way to increase your chances of being known far and wide other than your direct connections. Give it away and it get to be passed around. One just have to know how to get someones attention to have it read. Make sure it is worthy of a glance.

I'm sure you'll agree that reading the words "Love Doctor" definitely warrants attention to most than as simple though as needed by everyone as "Doctor". I therefore conclude that you also have to know who makes the best business cards and not settle for less, because they surely know better than what you know.


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