Saturday, July 24, 2010


People are naturally affected by visual perceptions. We either give a positive response to what is presented before us or on another end, a negative response. Obviously, if it is pleasing to us in effect will be a good feedback. More often than not, the measure goes the same for most. Like when one is presented with a neat individual, that person gets a higher rating over someone lousy or unkept. When you get to choose before an untidy place over a well-kept place, nobody chooses the nose-wrinkling place.

This definitely goes with offices. Who would entertain clients or customers in a place not worthy of staying at? Every company, institution or establishment craves to set up a mighty inviting place not just for the expected visitors but also for the employees that will be staying there most of their days. Optometry Office Design, I believe have the same desire...to ensure that those that will be having their visions be set to perfection will as well see only perfection!


Yen said...

Agree with you sis, Our environment can greatly affect our output.

Happy to see you around:-)

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