Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Ever heard of the word MEIZITANG? Read along and learn its relevance in love and relationship...

Everyone of us wants to be perfect especially in the eyes of our one true love. We do almost everything possible to look good for them, to fit their character, to love the same hobby, to be who they want us to be. Though in actuality there are times that we go overboard. We see ourselves lacking when they already are far more than contented and pleased with what we are.


It's but natural that we feel that we are imperfect. People are people. Nobody can have everything. And so we see in the other what lacks in us and others see in us what lacks in them. Most often though, we see the physical attributes. The body is mostly seen when you think of romantic involvement. And so comes diet, exercise and all those other slimming options available in the market. Meizitang Diet is among the popular ones that most people lean to when they are in need of a lift in their weighing scale. This slimming capsule is said to help in reducing fat tissue. It accelerate fat metabolism and reduce absorption of fatty acids in the intestine. From the very name Meizitang you would know that it is Chinese in origin. Yes, t is composed of natural herbs but be wary that they also has side effects that can be harmful especially to pregnant women, infants, children under 18 years, those over 65 years old, hypertensives, suffering from heart ailments/cardiovascular disease, kidney and liver failure. As always, we seek professional guidance and consult before intake of any drug/medication.

In the eyes of a love one, you will always be perfect no matter the imperfections. But you can be a little vain or inclined to health to want to lose excess weight. And if you need to...why not use Meizitang if your doctor agrees?


jhengpot said...

i never heard of it, but now i know.

I love the second paragraph, you seemed to pull out someone's hidden emotion :)

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