Sunday, July 22, 2012


There were times that we suddenly feel...STUCKED!

We wouldn't want to step back nor do we know if we want to go forward.  We're not even sure if we want to move.

It's like having no choice though you do.  
It's like needing to choose but you can't.  You won't.
It's like hoping it will be decided for you.

Look back to how you came about this reality.  Is this something unexpected?  Is this something you have been dreading?  Is this something you tried to put at the back of your mind but keeps popping up each time you are in that verge of happiness and suddenly falls into that oblivion of being speechless...and stucked.  You mind goes reeling but you lips are frozen.

How do we ever put ourselves in such situations...and time and again,  we just cross that path of stillness, push it off our way and continue on, accepting that today is not the day...maybe tomorrow.  


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