Saturday, August 7, 2010


Very first thing that comes to mind when asked of my dream wedding is "THE ring!!! In my mind I see it in the glass showcase, my heart pounding, and my insides screaming "This is it! This is how I can shout to the world that someone love me way too much to make me his...forever!"

Every woman deserves a little more than the words i love you, and a little more than saying I do. A great deal more than just a tumble in the hay and much much more than the promises from the lips. The proof of being loved more than any other and being valued to be given something you cannot just get any other day. The wedding ring (and even engagement ring for some) signifies not the financial status of the beloved man, but the pride of that same man of his woman. That with that ring, he shouts to the world that he belong to no other but her, and that she to him as well.


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