Sunday, August 22, 2010


In the Philippines there is the so-called "pogi points" that men aims to have to have edge over another in the eyes of the woman they are vying to get "yes" from. They were the material things that they possess to increase their chances since practically speaking, it's not anymore just mere physical attributes or personality that pleases most women of the century. Two can have all those attributes but only one of those two have more "pogi points" over the other. Mr. A probably have a nice car, and Mr. B don't. He can also have his own pad, club membership, and many other financial measuring up's than the other. And we just have to admit that, Mr. A definitely will have a greater chance if compared to another with the same attributes but none of those "pogi points".

Then, MALE ALERT: try having those!!!

One great way is the option trading strategies that most professionals try to get their hands at. Don't just be content with your monthly income when you can have more. Though as in anything else in this world, there are up's and down's in it...but isn't it worth a try to be the man you can be for the eyes of your beloved?


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