Saturday, August 28, 2010


We don't need to give love only on holidays, as some says through songs. It will be a lot nicer to say "give love on all the days..." And we can truly do that in so many ways. Not just to the people close to us but to the people we go to work with, to the people we enjoy the weekends with, to the people around us.

In small ways we can do that. How you say? Look around you and think of any problem that common people have and at least contribute a little in avoiding it. One classic example I instantly thought of is pollution. Everyday we travel; to any place we go there are means of transportation and in my mind I see fumes. If only every vehicle owner be considerate of themselves and others. do the best way to give your car what it needs for proper function. All the parts and pieces that needs changing must be changed like the car engine, truck exhaust, electrical systems,... whatever else it needs. From components and accessories, its magnificent to drive something beautiful, sleek, fast, suave... but its magnanimous to drive your car knowing it's not hurting anyone.


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