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This is something quite popular these days to marrying couples, and...
I wonder what
say about this?!

Are you among the practical people who believes that you have the right to decide how much of what you have worked for and saved for you will willingly give to your other half? Maybe you are just being careful believing that one can never tell the real score until you are years married and that it will not be a mere one or two years before you wholeheartedly trust this someone of all your possessions? That you are just aware of the fact that not only those women you read about who lost their everything to someone in a snap but you yourself can also be a victim of such injustice? Are you for this pre-nuptial agreement that is now being accepted by the society and deemed to be just a wise move?

Or are you against it believing that a pre-nuptial agreement is something used only by or cold , untrusting, and presumptuous individuals? That if you truly love your better halves you care less for the material things and that "what is mine is yours and what is yours is mine" counts for you? And that you know in your heart that your relationship have nothing in between yes or no before the vows, meaning the moment yo sworn to each other there will definitely be NO BACKING OUT?

(or maybe HAVE YOU or HAVE YOU NOT?)


Female Stuff said...

First of all, I respect anyone out there who choose to have pre-nup agreements. But I refuse to have one of my own :)

I believe that marriage is sacred and meant to last forever as written in The Bible. In my opinion, pre-nup will only bring disgrace to this sacred marriage since it can only be useful for divorce couple only. Why bother to marry your love one if you already think about divorce in the very first place then? If she/he can't convince you to be together for the rest of your life, then you shouldn't carry on with the marriage plan. Wait until you find your true soul mate.

Indeed, some marriage can't last forever like it should be. But if somehow it truly happens, do not put money and belongings as your top priority, put the children instead. Of course, materials are something you need to fight for when had a divorce too. But do it AFTER you decide to have a divorce and NOT before. No one is going to say that divorce is easy, right?

Howdy, sis?

sexylegsandbody said...

Hi, thanks for the invite. We are married with an agreement, mainly because we have a business, and it is to both our advantage to have one. however, separation never crossed out minds. It is merely a more practical and safe way of operating. But that is just us, I cannot speak for other.

Great post and great question.

Have a lovely day.


Dorothy L said...

This is most definitely a one persons opinion. If one partner has a substantial amount of assets..then yes, time in the relationship would be the tell-tale of how it should be shared or divided in the event of a break up.. Different rules apply in different states as to how this is decided. I have also heard that some prenups really do not hold water once it goes to court.
It is tricky as one could look at it as prioritizing material assets as opposed to personal love and feelings~

JENIE=) said...

@ dorothy ~ very true, this pre-nup is really a very sensitive issue...it is somewhat believed to be inbetween love and greed.

@ colin ~ thank you for sharing..and honestly, i salute you and your wife for having one and i know in your heart it really doesn't matter if love is pertained to.

@ ris ~ right-o! I agree that once to say the vow you have confirmed to yourselves, to others and to God that there is no turning back. in fact in my own vocabulary, legal separation/divorce/annulment are non-existent =)

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