Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Relationships cannot last without friendship. And within friends there always is a common ground. Mine would be paintball guns!

There's nothing more fun than gooing around with friends. And it has always been a dream to have an adventure. I have not found earlier a circle of friends that would want to crawl down the ground, hide in barrels, run around carrying rifles and pretend to be in The Farm as CIA agents being trained...but now I did (my special someone included...wink!)! And its amazing that we have this craving to try paint balls. Its fun to play them as a group fronting our laptops, but I bet it will be a blast to do such in real life! Soon!!! Actually there will be an upcoming "long weekend" which I am looking forward to. And how nice it would be to finally make this craving happen!!!

What do we need? First off, we've got to find the best place to do this...and the paintball gears that we will be needing of course! It would be awesome to do this in a forest-like place, so I guess we'll head out in the country side.

How about you? Have you tried doing this? With your friends?


Female Stuff said...

Never play paintball before, Jen. I'm not good at sport and I'm not good either on aiming something (I hate my glass LoL)
The bottom line is I will never be good enough for this game :D


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