Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Is it just me or everyone get to hear in their lifetime "You're still too young" whenever love is the topic?

You and I will always be just a kid in our parent's eyes. That no matter how old you become, they are always older than you are...which for them means they know better. And at times, we let them believe that they are though they are not.

Loving is something that comes and goes in every stage of our lives. BUT there will come a time that you finally know that "THIS IS IT!" And it is not always the same age as when another found hers. One may have it a little later than you did, or even far far later than you did. This do not necessary mean that YOU ARE TOO YOUNG (nor are you too old in this regard) because loving is unique for each one of us. Love is too complex yet also too simple...depending on YOU AND HIM, and how you define it and how you go about it. We have every right to declare to the world that you are IN LOVE regardless of whether they believe it to be true or not because it is YOU who feels it beating, and it is you who feels it glowing.


lina@women's perspectives said...

I believe that every woman has her own path of life and love...

Newlyweds said...

hi there! been busy lately..

ive heard that too, plenty of times.

still, love is love.. nothing to early nor too late when it comes to love.. : )

Female Stuff said...

"Too Young To Be In Love"

I often see this particular saying too, Jen. Which usually intended to teenagers. But in my opinion, they're not talking about real "LOVE" with this statements but more like talking about "early sex" instead. Since teenagers usually trapped between the term love in their minds and sex on the other side. That's what their parents really concern about :)

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