Friday, March 25, 2011

You almost can't believe this happening. After years of being together, your other half is not yours to keep any more. Your everyday routine of waking up to a sweet text message of "take care on the way to work", the phone calls at work, the lunch time dates, the awaited time of finally seeing him after work...all just suddenly changed and you miss all of it. You miss him.

BUT no matter how you feel your world up side down, you have to let go. He is not meant for you. That no matter how you want him back, you know that when you go back to him it will just be as before. The fight will recur, the broken hearts, the broken spirit. It is best for the both of you to separate and be whole again while you still both can pick up the shattered pieces of you the relationship did shatter.

But there's so much reminder of him at home. The years of exchanging of gifts expressing love and care is everywhere. But you have to admit that you don't want to give it away. You truly want those things. The beanbag by your bed you cuddle in while you watch a movie, a cabinet full of hug-able toys, the clothes...everything. It's just that you need more time to adjust first. Where can you keep it out of site for a time being? There is a place like Storage Reading Cow Lane where you can put them in without fear of losing them. They have varying sizes depending on need. It can be long or short term. You have a key access anytime. They even offer free van hire to pick up and deliver your stuffs.

What a nice idea to keep those things for the time being...until you're ready to face it all again without breaking down.


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