Saturday, March 19, 2011


"I'm Okay!"

It seems that you're getting so used to saying it that even you are starting to believe it. But as you sat watching the deep orange horizon turns velvet gray and the noise of the day calming down to calmness, doubt started rising in the inner recesses of your soul. Am I really okay?

As if you need to make this unsettling feeling leave you and the serenity you felt earlier, you take a deep breath and exhale for it to ride with the chilly wind passing you by. Still, your heart seems to leak of the tears you hide beneath dry eyes. Why were you created with such a big heart when you have no one to give it to? Where is he?

Believing that the soul inside you have this yearning for its match, you feel the loss of someone. Not emptiness, but a fullness suppressed to the point of bursting out. You crave for a comforting hug, you thirst being the focus of someones undivided attention, you wish to be in that dream you had last night of staring back to someones loving eyes devouring you.

Yet life has to go on. And you have to spare yourself from misery therefore you decided to convince yourself and others that you're okay. Focusing instead on those things that keeps you busy and reminding yourself why you are so minutes you smile and say "I'm okay!"

BUT...until when?


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