Friday, March 18, 2011

Years have passed since you last have written FLAMES at the back of your notebook with your name parallel to the name of your crush. After picking out common letters between you two, you count each number of slashed letter for each of your names and add them together like you do in a math equation in school. The blush that comes up results from the corresponding letter you get as you do the counting in the word flames...F for friends, L for lovers, A for angry, M for marriage, E for enemy and S for sweetheart.

IF ONLY its as easy as the letters F, L, A, M, E, S!

In puppy love and teenage crush probably. But we are thousands of miles away from that kind of a relationship. We are now here in the stage of responsibility, commitment, and till death do us part. If there is something you are writing, its more of the signing of legal papers; and adding up of mortgages and bills payments are the common mathematical problems that is now being solved.

At times we tend to sigh and say, "How nice it would be to go back to a much simpler life."


Dorothy L said...

This is such a beautiful sharing girl. Your penmanship has soared within this post.
Very inspiring and so full of feeling that it demands attention~

JENIE=) said...

@ Ms. D ~ thanks so much! coming from you it's such a big thing for me ;) I dunno, just these days I"m kindda feeling things haha.

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