Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Who says being short is a hindrance to finding someone to date and to love? Definitely not me, nor this short people club.

If you ask me, I honestly can tell you that more often than not, it is just us thinking the negative. We are so self conscious at times that we decide it on ourselves that "there is no use". Even with this height issue. How can you think that your height matters? Well, not to all. And there is just a great percentage of the population having the same height as you do, or maybe even shorter. And there also are some who prefers petite ladies no matter how tall the other is. The body is made to fit, and so does the thoughts and the heart.

Short men is never hopeless unless all you do is talk about being short. Be who you are and your confidence will bring out the best in you. Ladies are not always in for the height or the looks or the money. Ladies are in for the personality, the attitude, and how one carries himself. To them it is sexy being all those qualities you have even though you are below the height you hope to have. And to increase your chances of finding that peace with in you, why not meet short people and build confidence too? Either you date short people like you or if you're tall, date those cute short people many prefers. With short people dating you will find that short lovable one you are looking for. Someone that fits you perfectly! BUT REMEMBER ALWAYS...IT'S NOT JUST THE HEIGHT!!!


Marly said...

Hi jennie,
stopped by here..nice post :)

lutfy said...

short or tall, pretty or ugly is all about permonce.. but what most important is their heart..

Dorothy L said...

So should be as light hearted as possible as we have enough seriousness to deal with in our day to day lives. If you can't be silly and worry free of being judged when with your loved one...who can you be yourself with?

Have a very nice day Jennie~

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