Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It seems that I see more and more family separated by miles stretch of land and water nowadays. People, no matter what the status in life is, goes abroad and stays there to work. And though it keeps them away from their family, they still do so due to the demands of the economy.

"Long distance love affair" therefore is even more common. Married and unmarried couples alike experience this difficult situation. BUT unlike before, this kind of love affair have higher chance of surviving now than before. Thanks to technology!!!

I remember during my childhood, it's snail mail and infrequent overseas calls due to its high cost. In our time, there's the text messaging that travels far and wide in seconds. Calls are cheaper. And the best thing that happened is now you can see each other while you talk to one another. Skype is one way of doing that. Not as busy as the Yahoo Messenger, the delay in Skype is way too little as compared to the other network. Video phone calls also is possible, but for me, it is Skype.


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