Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Nothing is too weird to LOVE. Anything you do with the love of your life means a lot. You don't see playing tag in the beach too childish, you don't feel foolish wearing exactly the same clothes and stick with one another as if you're Siamese twins, you don't get bothered dancing in the simply don't think of what others may think as long as you're both happy and that what you are doing is strengthening the bond that you mean to keep bonded forever.

Yes, these foolish things others believe they were were not foolish at all. They are wise things to do to keep the relationship going and to continue to create spark and interest with one another. These activities you do are common to friends, and you are friends! It is a way of continuously knowing one another because as you start of a relationship there are still so many to learn about each other. You want to know the other as deeply as you can so you both can gauge the adjustment you both have to make to be perfect for the other, or to simply know if you did found the perfect match of living your forever with someone who can fit with who you are.


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