Monday, November 15, 2010


Soon it will be gift giving once again...and you don't know what to give HIM. I know how you feel, it's the same for me each and every year, and not just once a year considering all the occasions we are obliged to give and the non-occasional days when you just want to give him something (wink!)

If you are like me who read pocketbooks, I'm sure you also have come across novels that circles around the earlier centuries. And maybe somehow can appreciate those times when men have this so called "study" or this own room where he settles down to, to do his work. More like a library to which does not commonly interests women before. I like the idea of having such for my hubby, if and when I have one already hahaha. I guess these days it is better called "office" or office space in the home.

And this gave me an idea of having an old-fashioned library in our home that have stuffs to make it old fashioned but homely. Maybe you can start having one as well so you can fill it up little by little through gift givings in the coming year. GREAT IDEA, right? And the first that comes to my mind that is old fashioned will be the clock. Thinking of Grandfather clocks, well, if the place is big enough maybe something like it. But I have seen this site with hermle clocks and those wonderful ideas I have never thought before. Like this table here that I find uniquely magnificent as well as this tabletop glass encased hermle clock. What do you think? Does your husband have his own study or space like such?

Well...I hope this help you somehow with the gift ideas you're suppose to be thinking of as early as now for the coming year-end celebrations.


lina@happy family said...

It would be a great idea for gifts to husbands :)

On my husband's last birthday, I bought him a jacket. He loves it!

Yen said...

Wow, such a sweet wife of you jen:-)
I'm looking for a gift also for my family since I don't have hubby yet.

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