Tuesday, November 30, 2010


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"Collect and Select is the wisest thing to do" is what I often hear my dad say to my brother. And in my mind I know that it also is for me. At this day and age, we have to be giving ourselves further chances of finding that perfect mate. That special someone who can make us happy at the same time who we can make happy. And not just anyone who happens to come along...but he who fits your qualification.

We know that it's not easy to outright find that person. Therefore we go dating. We try and meet up people...then again, with that we are limited to those among our circles of friends and their acquaintances. And more often than not we succumb to facing someone we almost have no knowledge about which results to embarrassing meet up's. Either you're both trapped to a long boring night out or cut-off date that leaves you both frustrated.

Why not try the very effective and practical virtual dating? As the European Journal of Social Psychology says, "People who go on virtual dates first tend to like each other more when they meet and are two times more likely to go on a second date." It's like you have gotten past the uncomfortable stage of getting to know the basics of one another. Then you get to be more confident that both of you have enough knowledge on one another to get you interested for the first and second dates...which you can continue to build on the succeeding dates. And interaction with someone in the most comfortable environment for you helps a lot in doing away with queasiness. THS Investigates very words about it, "Singles can interact in a simulated dating environment online from the comfort of their own home." I personally go with such an initial interaction, at a distance. Well, not only will you be more comfortable at the comfort of your home but the common human reaction to meeting an unknown individual of nervousness and uncertainty can be forgone.

Now that it's the start of the "colder" season, a time to snuggle, a time to have someone to snuggle with...I again remember the first time I've heard of this virtual dating. I did not believe it until I have tried it...and tried it I did, with It is that time of the year when people mostly seeks companionship as well therefore I truly found a lot who feels the same yearning as I did. And I got to meet not just those within my usual selection of dark hair and dark eyes...but beautiful blonds and redheads with green and blue eyes of the west!!! I truly enjoyed it there at Smingle, and I know you would to. You even get 3 months free by simply uploading a photo. what's the wait?! It is but a click away to finding your perfect "virtual mate" that is possibly your "reality mate"!

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