Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Have you ever been in such a dilemma when you just can’t decide who you love better? That you can have either one of them so in your mind, you just let them be there both for you…but in reality you have to choose!?! Well, some would say “lucky you” to find not just one but two who interests you that much and that the feeling is mutual. But the truth is ~ it is difficult!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not having such a dilemma…well, I do, but only with my problem between choosing for “McDreamy or McSteamy?” Ring a bell? If you are a fanatic of Grey’s Anatomy (or as addicted as I am…yeah, TOTALLY!) you would know that McDreamy is Dr. Derek Shepherd, and McSteamy is Dr. Mark Sloan. These are the two sizzling hot male characters that’s mainly the reason to my unending need to continuously watch the chapter after chapter of the 6 seasons of cd that I have until I reach the very last episode, next to the fantastic write up that truly pokes my emotion with the real life crisis that happens to the patients and the people in a hospital setting. These two characters make my mind go crazy with wanting to be in Meredith Grey’s life, more so within the hospital and within reach of Shepherd and Sloan. ( I wonder…it used to e me wanting to be a Jedi or a super hero, now this?! Haha!) Funny but just now I am having difficulty deciding what story to write in my head to make me fit in the life of my McDreamy or McSteamy that would match up with either one of them. And to whom should I be attracted to really? They actually are two very different men, but both worth fantasizing over, tsk! I love them both but who will be best to be my happy ever after? Darn!

And this is when I stop and sigh, “I am glad in real life I don’t have to choose between two such adorable men!” Do you or have you? It will be magnificent to hear such a real life story of such.


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