Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Nothing more important for soon to be wed couples than to prepare for their life together. And in our present day, it is but natural for women to be assured that their husbands to be can provide for the family that they will be building.

Personally, a house to call our home is amongst the very firsts to take into consideration. It is never a contentment for me to just rent in apartments. I have to have my own place, as I am sure any wife would want. Two main parts of the house comes first, the bedroom and the kitchen. In my mind I see either modern or rustic bedroom furniture. My kitchen would need to be sparkly clean, mostly in steel or wood.

But a house is just a house without the warmth and the love. And every family loves building memories. How nice it would be to have them in your own place and not in those places you will be renting?!


Anonymous said...

We stay in my MIL's house for these past four years. She's kind enough to let us use one of her property for free. But next year, we'll be staying in our own new house. Indeed, it feels different and nicer. LoL

Howdy Jen

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