Thursday, January 6, 2011


Nobody wants to live doing nothing, and having nothing. Everybody craves for a meaningful life. A life worth living. And to have that people focus on two things: WORK and a place to call HOME.

A house is not a home. The mere structure of a house needs to have love and happiness with people we most care about to be called home. Either the family that we opened our eyes to since birth or the family we built and wish to live with forever. Because they were the ones that makes our mornings bright and our nights cozy. They are the ones that keeps us thanking the heavens for every day we are given breath.

BUT THEN its not just love that gives us the capability to survive. The world since the first man and woman has changed totally. Man now needs to work to live. It may not always be easy thus we look for ways to make living somehow smooth. We look for careers that pays higher, we find ways to be frugal and wise. Today the most in-demand work so far that was pursed by the millions is nursing. You see them like ants in nursing scrubs. Pretty thing invented if you ask me! More comfortable than being in skirt while you rush for your patients doing things that needs you to squat over, step up machines or whatever else just so you can be in full service. Uniforms are mighty convenient and at the same time gives one less a problem among many others to which pertains to the budget of clothing. There are available scrubs for cheap if you are wise enough to know where to look.

We balance life at home and life at work. That's how it is for have a life, one should have a happy home and a worthy work. And in between these two there's LOVE. Life cannot be survived without this that makes up a person.


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