Sunday, January 16, 2011


A few years have passed and you feel that the relationship you have with your partner is somewhat on a plateau. Yes it is comfortable. But it is dull.

You need to light it up. You need to do something to break the momentum. And it needs to be done not on a special occasion. It has to be on an ordinary day when you just go to work and head back home, have dinner, hit the sofa and in a while sleep the night away. Break the spell! File a leave for the day and prepare for a weekend get away, or an all night romancing that may last the whole weekend, or something to remind him of the you and him on your first months together. Nothing else could reignite that spark than to make time just for the two of you.

Surprise him by starting out with a gift. Not an everyday occurrence, right? Give him anything that will tickle his fancy. Running out of gift ideas? Try browsing though...there actually are a lot that you'll be surprise to find. The idea of the gift giving is to let the ball rolling. Then start pampering him like you used to. And then go on with the roll of tide...ride it with him and with the thought that this will definitely be a surprise for him today and be a surprise for you both days after for the effect it will do to your relationship.


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