Sunday, January 16, 2011


Remember those times long ago when you were still a giggling teenager who flush and blush at the site of your crush?

How easy it is to please us then. We thought then that we know the meaning of love by what a certain guy makes us feel. He gives us flowers and chocolates then we know he cares for us. He gives us a love letter and we claim he is a romantic and wants to spend time with us even just in letters. He gives you a heart necklace and we say he loves us. Puppy love is how our elders term the love we think is real.

We grew up...and still we thought that we know the meaning of love by what our man makes us feel. But this time we go to greater heights. We give back and more. At times he gives nothing and still we give more and more. And this time he gives you not just a trinket of love, but a child borne of love or child born for us to love. Then by this time we finally learned the meaning of love and be loved FULLY without expecting anything in return. To love the totality of the person more than you love yourself. To love is to be everything for that person, and to make possible anything in your capability for that person...even to the extent of giving up your everything else.


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