Sunday, January 16, 2011


Beautiful legs are an asset. It is something that should not be hidden. It is something to be proud of. And we have to admit that it is pleasing to know that our legs are eye-catching.

And you can make yours more apparent with pretty polly hosiery. The nearly 100 years of its existence had them learn and perfected every woman's need and preference. Wide selection of sheer and opaque hosieries are available for you to see yourself in depending on the need, the event, or the occasion you decide to wear one. Probably when you are in the bedroom needing to be seen in a sexy suspender tights, or out in the night wearing printed ones under your micro mini...or any other time when it is most appropriate.

I once saw a lady wearing this net-like tights in day light. One might think that it is most inappropriate since it is known to be worn at night. But then she carried it well with the proper combination of clothes and colors, and I tell you, it was truly remarkable. Another time I saw one who was wearing long skirt with slits, and underneath is a pair of amazing prints. It is somewhat a tickle to the eye to want to see them thus I noticed a man trying not to be obvious but very much interested to get a glimpse. It is a matter of what to wear and how you wear it. It can be flaunted and it can be partially hidden. And still, it catches attention. And it feels good!

Beautiful legs are an asset. Make it one by dressing it and making it more apparent.


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