Friday, January 1, 2010


Have you ever noticed that the age of marrying is narrowing down from the last centuries to ours?

I really have not gone through any thorough research about this, and so what I can provide you is purely from experience within our family tree and what I see from other families all over. From great-grans to parents, they go from 16 years old to 18; and in our generation it used to be around 23-25 but now its 28-30’s.

Obviously, that as the years go by, the youngsters are getting more and more aware of how nicer it is to be single and how much responsibility one has to carry in a married life; and the economic stability as well is very much relevant to it. YES IT IS WONDERFUL TO HAVE A FAMILY OF OUR OWN…but now you cannot just jump into it. Careful planning is appropriate (savings especially) and so with your readiness to the responsibility for not just you and your better half but for the kids to come. This is the sane thing to do…but still, being in love brings out insanity. Sigh!


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