Tuesday, January 5, 2010

You once enjoyed going to the movies with honey, walking along the shores awaiting the sunset, staying up to the wee hours of the night in coffee houses talking of almost anything, having candle lit dinners on your monthsary celebration,…a few months after came the wedding and the honeymoon then BOOM! Your fun times have ended.

Every morning you share breakfast, go to work then see each other at night until the next morning you wake up and again go to the daily routine. Weekends you probably need to do your household chores. Where goes the fun-times together? Where goes the dating?

It does not have to end the moment you say “I do” when in fact it is now more convenient to do it, not needing to meet someplace or no need for picking up because you are together. It is as important today than it is before that you have some quality time together. Dating is not only for “getting to know each other stage”; dating is also for “strengthening the bond stage”.

Yes there may be added responsibilities for each other and the kids now, but then there also are added trials along. The friendship should stay and with it goes the fun-times, the bonding time. So, do not let marriage get in the way. STAY AS SWEET AS YOU ARE! This probably is the song that most befits this topic.



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