Friday, January 1, 2010


Frankly speaking, we ladies do not just go for handsome men, there are certain “pogi” points we call that add up to it as to who to choose for a husband or boyfriend material. “Pogi” points means: some additional characteristics or things that can affect our making a decision whether to entertain a certain suitor.

We look into his family and background, his inner beauty, his being presentable, his stability and self worth WHICH INCLUDES HIS CAR! Well, not all ladies find this important, but most do. You hear questions like, “does he have his own place?” or “what’s he driving?” Does he have 2010 toyota?

Ehem, you can’t blame them…because it is more than just a necessity. It is a measure of your capability as a provider. Have you seen the cadillac escalade photos? A mouth watering beauty! Or that of the chevrolet tahoe hybrid pics? Superb creations that make you want to drag him to the altar?

But then, it’s not all material things. Yes his stability is important in this crazy world we live in, but love cannot survive with riches alone! He may have those luxury cars for all you want but he jumps from one relationship to another portraying how insincere he is; or he may be driving a different car every time you went out, but what of his respect for you? Be sure that he will not slap it all in your face the moment you have a little disagreement.

And so, it is nice to have those additional points, but put greater importance to the intangible things he offers. Love, honesty and perseverance are on top of my list! What’s in yours?


Eden said...

I love B. Manilow and this is one of my favourites...

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