Thursday, January 7, 2010


That’s Me! Yeah, I am excited with my newly reconstructed blog Earthy Me. After losing its PR2, I am now hoping to gain it back and more if possible. I am up to present adjusting this and that, but is already up for a visit from you.

And as my layout changes, so are my ideas of posts. I will be focusing on health and fitness this time to cater to most of your interests. Hope you all visit and link ASAP. It will need your love as well there as you do here dear friends.

Button stays the same…grab the moving SPOON AND KNIFE and be reminded of the diet advices there. Just copy and paste the code as html on your side bar ;) SEE YOU GUYS THERE!


(a re-post)


Risma Hutabarat said...

Ahaa... a blog make over, huh? I bet it will look better.. On my way now, Jen


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