Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Not every couple have a fairytale story. Not everyone get to end up with their perfect match. BUT this does not stop us from loving and being loved...because this makes our living more complete or atleast suffice.

Yes, even the "you and me against the world" relationship! They may have to travel rougher roads competing with family discouragements, fighting off friends innuendoes and be deaf and mute to bickerings from other people. To the couple, NOTHING can surpass the love you have for each other. Just like the common "Love is blind", they are much too blind with love, consumed by it that they are almost immune to negativity to their relationship; that their relationship happiness or having each other will cover-up whatever inconsistency there is.

And sometimes it works! Sometimes, they even thank those critics because their presence pushed them to keep prove that everybody else is wrong. More like winning the test! And in the end, it actually is even more gratifying!


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