Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jealousy is a part of every relationship. It is there in two faces; the positive face and the negative face.

So much has been said about this already, and everybody seems to know what to advice and how to handle it. And as was common, “it’s easier said than done!” …thus, this jealousy do not perish, it still is with us.

In an office, we witness a couple having a heated discussion of the other seen “cozily” with another. It may honestly be a “business meeting” as the accused pointed out or it may be an outright “caught in the act”. Within the bickering you hear the usual “Don’t you trust me?” statement. Yes, why don’t you? TRUST is very important in a relationship. It just have to be mutual and worth giving. If so, everything will truly be smooth and tranquil. In this instance then, we see the negative face of jealousy. It’s producing way too much friction causing troubles. Here insecurity is apparent. Either accused is not a good provider of such or accuser is being way too irrational, jumping into conclusions and way over board.

Positive face is when one craves for it to assure that love is still existent. Imagine doing everything you want, going anywhere with anyone and not a question nor a word can be heard. It’s like hearing loud and clear, “I don’t care!” Then and then will you hope for even a little jealousy, a little dissuasion, because in this case you feel unimportant, insignificant.

Bear in mind that there is always a limitation to things. TOO MUCH or TOO LITTLE is not good. I call it the balance of nature. In this world we live in there’s the two opposing poles, positive and negative, we have to stay in the middle.


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