Thursday, December 31, 2009

I believe in the beauty inside of everyone is of great magnitude. It is the “YOU” that stays, it is what will be there even after you lost your youth; BUT the beauty outside is as relevant when you are to go into a relationship. It is in fact the very first that starts the spark, the attraction. A beautiful face that attracts to look into the beautiful “YOU” inside.

They say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, yes, that counts a lot! And we want ALL beholders’s to see a radiant beauty, smooth skin, perfection if possible. The reason why we have to rid of these pimples that I now have! I kept complaining about this actually, if you have read my recent post in my other blog, At-A-Blink. What I need is the wonders of Los Angeles Dermatologist Celibre. They have treatment after treatment to make a whole new you. You can say good bye to your scars and tattoos you want to remove, stretch marks that have been there since you first gave birth, sun damaged skins, unwanted hairs, spider veins, so on and so forth…all those ugly reminders of the old you.

I would like to jump with joy upon seeing the “Acne Treatment” though all I have are few small regular pimples, I still would want to have back my clear flawless skin (Wink! Wink! When I was I baby, haha!). I mentioned unwanted hair above as well, lo and behold, I finally can do away with my “balbon” (excessive hair in my legs) with the laser hair removal in Los Angeles , if only I am there in the U.S. and not thousands of miles away. Celibre is the answer to being truly beautiful in the eyes of whoever there is looking!


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