Thursday, November 26, 2009


There are two phases of courtship, 1st is courting your beloved; and 2nd is courting your future In-Laws. Most of the time, the second is the harder of the two. You have to be on your best behavior, laying down the best of your characteristics, intentions, and of course…your career and achievements! That is why we ensure that we are deserving and worthy for their child.

And if you are traveling the path to medical career, I suggest that you look into this site where you will find a credible learning institute that have highly trained and experienced educators; varying areas that may be more accessible to your place; and excellent programs that includes internship or hands-on experience in their medical facilities.

MRI programs are offered in their site. May you be hoping to be an LVN or LPN Nurse, Psychiatric Technician, Radiologic Technician, Phlebotomy Technician, or DMS…and the likes, you would always look for a great place to accommodate your needs…and please your In-Laws as well.


jak said...

right now, im still in the place that not accommodate my needs but i want to learn to be patience. I believe God have His best timing in me...Now, i just want to be active to do my part and God will do His part =)

imelda said...

yes ur right and i agree with u on this. happy saturday!

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