Sunday, November 15, 2009


Filipino’s used to be traditionalists, old-fashioned to others. BUT come 20th almost had been pure history. "Almost" because there are still a few who goes with what their families have passed on from generation to generation.

Still, I am not saying that this “marriage for convenience” is not old-fashioned; because even in the past decades, it has been going on. The “family arrangement” where parents have agreed upon another family friend of their offspring’s marriage that is to be held a decade or so after; or of a certain custom like that of the royalties centuries ago where in they cannot have the vows if not within the family or clan. Likewise, the Chinese custom which I believe to be practiced to this day though not everyone is another example of which.

TODAY, “marriage for convenience” includes political reason, or for financial stability. Some says it works and some doesn’t. There is this certain hold you have for each other due to common or interlacing goal. It can work but not necessarily fulfilling. Love may blossom, or the differences may eat up your individuality. It may continue on with easy friendship or romantic love; but it can also little by little rot your insides up, resort to violence, constant emotional attack or end up with separation. It is also common to see 2 different races bound together in a marriage. It is not easy needing to fill in the cultural gap in addition to common adjustments in a newly wed, and differently-raised individuals. Then again, life is full of surprises…either we end up smiling or crying.

What do you think?


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