Friday, November 13, 2009

It is a year of fantasizing a wedding of my own after seeing that supposedly secret dream-come-true wedding of the year between a famous Filipino celebrity couple Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo. They were hoping for it to be as private as possible and so decided for it to come out as a surprise to the general public if incase it will. It sure did but not until the wedding is about to take place. It even was televised hours after. Remarkable!

Them starting off at a church the bride’s parents wed decades ba
ck and ended with a beach reception obviously connotes well planning. Everything the couple is can be seen in their choices of invitation which is a box with one flipflop to which you will find the other half in the wedding reception itself; the guest singers that have made the ceremonies more memorable; the breakfast, the boat ride and the dinner. Every event in the whole day affair is as special as each other. It is the perfect wedding…simply because they were able to do what they both love.

Another famous couple chose a different way of doing their wedding. Well known anchor woman Korina Sanchez and Senator running for presidency Mar Roxas chose to do it in the simplest of weddings preferring only that it
be witnessed by every Filipino. It was aired except for the private reception that followed which includes close family and friends. They revealed that the supposed millions of peso cost of reception will be donated instead to calamity victims.

Weddings differ as each of us differs. Our preferences counts, but our status still is the main reason as to how it will turn out.


AdviceMaven said...

Weddings should definitely reflect the personality of the couple, but it the end it is one day in a lifetime and shouldn't be thrown out of proportion.

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