Monday, November 16, 2009


I see you smile

I see you smile, and it haunts me forever.
I hold on to you as the lights fill my eyes.
A fleeting moment that we’re together,
You fade away as the morning cries.

I can only try to remember,
All the things we we’re happy for.
I miss us so bad it’s like a frozen ember.
Longing for the time we could have more.

A friend have created this personal poem. I am caught in between the lines thinking of the sadness or of the rapture being revealed in here.

What brings to mind though...is the shortness of the happiness we have here on earth. That each and everything have it's end. And as always, we're always hoping for more, if only it will be given.


Anonymous said...

Having a hubby onshore and who doesn't need to go to sea is even better. Marriage is like a sacred institution and is a growing thing that requires constant nurturing. But then again some hubby may need to go away as a seaman just to earn a decent living. The couple then needs to find or build bridges to ensure that the marriage is kept warm at all times.

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