Monday, November 16, 2009


More and more acquaintance get married to a "seaman"...and according to them, it is both fulfilling and being left empty.

Practically, they get to live a comfortable life, being provided for. But having them gone for more than a month makes you cry for more time with him. A family without the head is like a wobbly boat. A child growing up without the constant supervision of a father makes them incomplete.

BUT a partner to stay and be "the you" the family needs for a time is suffice to make it all worthwhile. Because admit it or not, life on earth is pretty hard and the offer given you being at sea will keep the family afloat. A strong bond to that love you have for each other will help you both go on. And in the end, the benefits of it all can surpass the lost time. JUST KEEP HOLDING ON.

Or...not? You know best being there...what can you say about this?


Dorothy L said...

So well said.

These are most definitely words to live by and even add to a couples marriage vows.
A true relationship is and should be about sharing and planning a future together :)

Anonymous said...

Taking the vows is just the beginning no matter what were the reasons into taking them earlier, s** or for any other reasons. What matters are after the marriage have been sealed.

My recipe for a lasting relationship? Both sides need to suppress the ego a bit, if one were to open the mouth the other should just shut up & listen. And if things get a bit too hot, take a walk and come back when both are more rational to talk things out.

Separation or divorce is just too simple a reason to end any liaison, think a million times before embarking on a journey that you may one day regret.

imelda said...

well my marriage failed. i dont thnk i cant take another failed marriage thats why i am so careful with whoever id like to be wt in the future.

Yen said...

Agree to this post. I remember my Lolo used to tell someone in our compound before about Marriage he said " Ang Pag aasawa hindi kaning isusubo na pag napaso iluluwa" Indeed!

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