Tuesday, November 24, 2009


This series of books by Kinsella is truly a “MUST-READ” for me! It not only made me laugh out loud, but I love the way it is written. Simple yet brilliant. Down right realistic, but somehow unbelievable when it comes to the shopaholic part. It is obviously put into exaggeration, and it is hilarious!

I especially love the story of this Shopaholic and baby because the story touched on one of the most important word in a married life: TRUST. I believe that there really comes a time that this trust that you are trying so much to give may be a little shaken, but with proper communication, whatever doubts you have will be resolved. And that this communication should always be open in both sides.

The having the baby part is another that made the story even more touching since this is one of the most awaited time in a couple’s life, bringing your own child into the world. The excitement shared by each other makes the bond grow stronger and the love to root deeper. This is a topic that is sensitive enough to warm the heart of everyone…because this is when a person is most vulnerable.


The girl with the flour in her hair said...

I love this series. Definitely a fun read. But I want to slap Becky sometimes! She's so frustrating! Stop spending money! Argh! :)

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