Saturday, November 14, 2009


In a couple, these rings signify something deeper than it being a band. With it creates a lasting bond that both hopes to surpass earthy life.

A reason why we give much importance to it, especially that very ring declaring our belongingness to each other: the wedding ring. This ring that can never be excluded in a marriage unlike an engagement ring that some may not deem necessary anymore, though if able the man would want the world to know that his girl is already his though still awaiting the wedding bells.

Still, women gives greater importance to it than men does. That is why it is us mostly choosing the rings. What is the best that suits you? There’s so much to choose from actually. Some prefers it plain and smooth hoping the relationship to run as smooth as it is.
Others are more able and extravagant in choosing, and prefer to have nothing other than the sparkling eternity hoping for the love to sparkle for eternity as it does. The fact that it truly is beautiful that I myself would want to have such as my knight in shining armor slips it on me. And no matter the style, the inscriptions inside is a prerequisite.

Just be sure that it does not have the ones written in that famous ring created in Mordor that Mr. Frodo have to guard from greedy men in the Lord of the rings!


Anonymous said...

The world is full of surprises and it takes all sorts of things to make this world. And as for marriage for convenience, it may or may not work since marriage is a matter of the hearts. If it works , well & good otherwise it's better to say sayonara early. Before taking the plunge by saying 'for better or for worse', the couple should have some reasonable expectation of happiness with the impending marriage and then upon their actual marriage they should make a strong effort to work on the marriage to make it last and to end it all with a smile all the way.

Anonymous said...

i must have entered my comments earlier/above under the wrong post, sorry

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